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The Tower – Major Taror Card Interpretation The first in a series of posts to help you build up knowledge of Major Tarot Card Meanings

Poll – How much would you pay for a “Tarot for Beginners” ebook? Today I need your help. Thanks for voting.

Author interview. I was interviewed by David Njoku of Indie Author Land on Being Richard and my other projects. Read the interview now at Indie Author Land.

What was Richard III really like? There is no birth time for Richard III – Third installment of my astrological profile of the King in the car park.

Writing Prompts – Two exercises to get your creativity going.

Being Richard Cover225% Discount!

I’ve just approved the paperback version of Being Richard for distribution and it will take about 8 weeks to make its way into retail stores such as Amazon. I know that lots of readers still enjoy holding an actual book in their hands and turning the pages. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. To introduce the paperback edition of Being Richard to everyone I’ve given it a whopping 25% discount on Lulu, which is the biggest discount I can offer, bringing the price down to just above cost. You will not find this offer anywhere else. So, now is the time to buy the paperback version of Being Richard

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

I’m also running a special discount on the paperback version of Sex & Tarot. 40% reduction. Yes, nearly half price and with this discount lower priced than the ebook. This is absolutely the best time to buy the paperback version of Sex & Tarot direct from Lulu. This offer is only available on the Lulu website.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day I’ve posted on

Love and Romance in Tarot – the tarot suit of Cups

For fans of Being Richard there’s

Being Richard-maps of locations in the novel-Elstead, Surrey

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