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A few weeks ago I was delighted to receive an invitation to write for Luna Luna Magazine, a digital diary for creative thinkers, individuals, dreamers & darklings. I shall be writing for them once a month. My first article is a preliminary look at Sex & Tarot, in which I outline some of the basics.

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

Even if you’ve already read my book Sex & Tarot do pop along and have a read, because I’m always coming up with new insights and adding additional information which isn’t in my book.

If there are any tarot topics you’d like me to write about in future articles, either here or at Luna Luna, please leave a comment.

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Many people consult me for a reading when they wish to get pregnant. Mostly women pose the question, but men have also been known to ask about potential pregnancy if they and their wife/partner are looking to start a family.

Tarot High priestess Empress World cardVarious card combinations suggest pregnancy, but never forget to seek medical advice from your doctor or consultant. Always seek appropriate guidance from a health professional when deciding to start a family and never rely entirely on a tarot reading.

Many people view having a child as a benevolent gift from whichever deity they worship. This is true, because human life is sacred and special, but we also have to play our very human part in creating the child.

The first, and probably the most important card for pregnancy, is The High Priestess. She rules the unknown, the mysteries of life, and things that go on behind the scenes which we have no knowledge of. She therefore rules conception.

In order to gain a conception we need fertility. The Empress rules fertility as she is Mother Nature. The Queen of Batons represents the fertile woman and the King of Batons rules the fertile man. The 3 of Batons rules active fertility. Any combination of these cards alongside The High Priestess is very positive for conceiving quickly as we have both conception and fertility depicted.

The World Cards represents physical birth as well as rebirth. In an ideal world we’d like to see the combination The High Priestess, The Empress and The World all in a row. That shows an easy pregnancy and a perfect birth.

This is all well and good but we also have to make sure that actually do the deed and have sex with our partner. It takes two! Very often women say to me, ‘We’ve been trying for a baby for a year, but nothing’s happened.’ However, the cards on the table show that they only have sex with their partner every couple of months or so, which doesn’t really offer very high odds of conception. The Ace of Batons is THE sex card, and the 3 of Batons is a pretty good second. So the combination of Ace of Batons and High Priestess is also good for conception.

Tarot ten of Batons

Another card that is very important is the 10 of Batons, which symbolises being over- burdened. For the physical body is depicts weight gain and therefore also the carrying of a child. The mother is literally burdened by the weight and responsibility of the child growing within them. For once the woman wants to see herself getting bigger!

The cards I’ve mentioned are the nuts and bolts of reading tarot for pregnancy. There are many other tarot combinations that will also show it, but these are the basics.

Tarot Knight of CupsAlongside these there is one incredibly special tarot card that always gives me goose-bumps when it turns up in a question concerning pregnancy. The Knight of Cups. This card symbolises that a child is waiting for the right time to be born through the questioner. It’s a very spiritual card. It’s a message from the child’s spirit, saying they want this person as their parent. Very often The Knight of Cups appears when the couple have been having problems conceiving, but it shows that the child is on its way. I saw The Knight of Cups for one of my clients who already had two children by IVF, as a natural conception simply had not been possible. When I told her that she would have a third child by natural means she laughed, and claimed it was impossible. Within six months she sent me a text to say she had fallen pregnant without any IVF. She is now the proud mother of three mischievous boys.

Have you seen any unusual tarot combinations connected with pregnancy?

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Ever wondered what the Page of Swords and Seven of Cups Tarot Combination means?

Sometimes, when deciding what to write on my blog, I look at the search terms people have used to find my site. Tarot card combinations appear to be what most people are after interpretations for. Being able to relate two or more tarot cards to each other is often one of the hardest parts of learning the craft. Mostly the learning comes through practice, and in the initial stages of using tarot, feedback from the person you’re reading for. If, however, you’re reading for yourself, comprehending what those two cards mean together can be incredibly tricky.

The ‘Page of Swords and Seven of Cups Tarot Combination’ is a search term someone used recently, and if this person was reading for themself, I can fully understand why they’d need a little help understanding its meaning.

Tarot Page of Swords and Seven of Cups combinationThe Page of Swords is a fascinating and complex card, but with this combination I don’t need to go into a whole variety of potential meanings, because I have the modifying cards, The Seven of Cups.

The Page of Swords is a court card, so as a personality or character tarot card, we can quickly understand that he represents either the questioner, or someone in the questioner’s life. For this example let’s say that it’s someone the questioner knows.

The tarot suit of Swords symbolise mental activity. Thinking. The Page of any tarot suit represents the young energy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is young age wise, but that they have a youthful approach, or are learning the skills represented by the suit. So here, with the Page of Swords, the individual is learning to use the processes of thinking and discriminating. Bring to mind any child you know, and you’ll quickly see that a youngster practising their mental abilities tends to try it on and test their luck. How far can they push you? Can they outsmart you? What happens if they tell an untruth, or an outright lie? They aren’t necessarily using their mind in the same way that we, as adults, will. It’s all a bit of a game.

A picture of the Page of Swords is emerging. He’s a mental gymnast! He’s not always honest and is usually very smart, because he uses his mind in ways we never thought possible.

Next let’s look at the Seven of Cups. Cups are all about emotions and emotional desires. Seven is a number of abundance and potential. Put the two together and you can see that the Seven of Cups is all about latching onto emotional potential. It’s the tarot card of wishful thinking and daydreaming of what we would like. There’s no action in this tarot card, only dreamy desire.

Tarot Page of Swords and Seven of Cups combination WaiteNow if we put the two card together we can see that we have a person with a monkey mind daydreaming. This is a fantastic tarot combination for anyone involved in the creative arts. Okay, so they haven’t put pen to paper yet, or picked up their paintbrush, but they have a truly inventive way of viewing the world. If, however, this is a romantic question we’re asking, then everything goes steadily downhill. Fast! The Page of Swords isn’t necessarily lying, but he’s definitely fantasising.

When asking about a lover this tarot combination starts to spell trouble. The Page of Swords influenced by the Seven of Cups will promise you the world, and mean it: but they won’t be able to deliver. They’ll have huge ideas for your future together, but won’t necessarily be able to get their act together. At some point you’ll confront them and say, ‘But you said that you’d make a million.’ Well, in their dreams they did. They may also aggrandise who they are and what they have to offer you in life. No, they’re not lying, just imagining themselves to be more than they are.

The worst scenario is if you’re asking about getting involved in a business with this person. They have a zillion plans, a billion brilliant ideas, and are apparently smart enough to make it all happen. Wrong. They’ll sit there and dream the dream, talk the talk, but never get round to acting.

If you’ve had this tarot card combination appear in your reading I’d love to hear from you. How did The Page of Swords and Seven of Cups turn out for you?

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I’ve written a brand new post on ToniAllenBooks all about alternative interpretations for the tarot Strength card. Pop along now to join in the conversation.

Tarot Strength card

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New blog post on my sister site ToniAllenBooks

When reading Tarot timing events is often tricky. In my latest post I’m offering insight as to how to judge when an event will happen if the Empress is chosen.

Tarot Waite Empress and Marseille EmpressCome and join me at ToniAllenBooks

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New blog post on ToniAllenBooks – Creating a character profile using tarot.

tarot 3 card spread

Whether using tarot for divination, or brainstorming ideas and plot lines for your creative writing, this post will help you understand how the cards blend together to build a character profile.

Have fun joining in, add your own plot line in the comments box.



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I’m currently working on a new tarot book aimed primarily at people beginning to learn tarot. One of my aims in writing my book is to simplify various elements of tarot and help beginners see how the cards work together in a reading. Currently it’s a work in progress, but while writing a lot of ideas are filtering through as to what elements of tarot reading people find most difficult to grasp.

System of Symbols coverI’ve been teaching tarot for many years and one thing I’ve noticed is that finding the right tarot spread is often a confusing journey when starting out as there are so many spreads to choose from. What students are looking for is a spread that is easy to use, and can be quickly built upon to create an in-depth tarot reading. Many of the people I have taught have found the tarot spread I devised and outline in my book The System of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot becomes the spread they continue to use because with practise it is very easy to understand and make your own.

My new book is going to teach a really simple tarot spread, with lots of comprehensive guidelines on how to fully understand how the cards work together…but that book isn’t completed yet. In the meantime I’d like to share an excerpt from The System of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot on how to lay out a tarot spread.

Tarot Spread

First the shuffle

There is much ritual written and expressed about the keeping of Tarot Cards and the shuffling and cutting of the cards in preparation for a reading.  Although I have many packs, which I use for teaching purposes, I keep one pack especially for readings.  Some people say that Tarot Cards should be wrapped in silk to protect them from negative vibrations, or perhaps kept safe and sacred in a wooden box.   Each to their own, nothing is right and nothing is wrong.  Mine are kept in the same cardboard box they came in, their protection….respect.  They are only taken from their box to be used for a reading.  They are kept shuffled in a mixture of upright and reversed, and never stacked in order for teaching purposes.  I do not let students handle them for study; or take them to lectures or workshops, where they might become “sorted”.  I call them my “working pack.”

I do not start a reading until my client and I are sitting comfortably, opposite each other across a low table.   I take the cards and shuffle them while asking the client if there is any specific reason why they have felt the need for a reading.  They do not have to give a specific answer, a simple “yes” they have a problem, or “no” they’ve never had a reading before and have come out of interest, will suffice.   I then hand the client the cards and request they shuffle them.  When they have finished I ask the client to place the cards on the table and cut them with their left hand.  I then ask the client to place the bottom part of the pack on the top and hand them to me.   The reason for asking the client to pass me the cards is that if they put them on the table and I pick them up then I am making a decision about which way round the pack is used.  This crucial determination must remain with the client.  It’s useful to practice both disciplines initially to see what occurs.  For example, let clients place the pack on the table and see just how many lay it sideways on, unable to make a decision about which should be its top or tail.  Then investigate asking clients to pass you the pack, and watch just how many people unconsciously turn the pack around 180 degrees, so that the end initially facing you is now facing away.

Tarot spread

The Initial Spread

Once the shuffle and cut are complete it is time to lay out the first six cards of the spread.  I start by placing them face down, then explain the meaning of their positions before turning over only the first five cards to start with.  See diagram.

Positions 1 & 2

These cards sit in the centre of a downward axis representing the present time in the questioner’s life.  I call them “the central pivot point” of the current situation.  Card number 2 crosses card number 1 and by its symbolism will indicate whether it is helping or hindering something at the core, or heart, of the situation.

Position 3

This card also sits on the axis of the present time and represents “the mind;” which includes thoughts, aspirations and desires.  It quite simply suggests what is on the questioner’s mind and might additionally indicate what they would like to happen, or intend to happen.

Position 5

Again on the line of the present time, but this time representing the “physical world,” that which is manifest, or happening in the questioner’s life.

Position 4

This card represents “the past,” but it is that part of the past which has helped create today.  We are working in the realms of cause and effect, where every action has a reaction somewhere in the future.  This card of “the past,” can therefore indicate the cause behind current circumstances, early conditioning or obstacles which have been overcome.  On occasions it indicates residue from previous incarnations which has created present life karma.

Once the questioner has recognised that these initial five cards are relating to their life and personal circumstances I turn over card number 6.

Position 6

This card represents “the next step in the future.”
I then take cards from the top of the pack and place them in positions 7 to 12.

Tarot Spread

Positions 7 to 9

These cards sit on the top line and continue to represent “the mind,” and the client’s thoughts and wishes on the problem as the future unfolds.

Positions 10 to 12

Likewise these cards sit on the bottom line and continue to represent “the physical world,” and what happens as the reading unfolds in the future.
I then take cards 13 and 14 from the top of the pack.

Positions 13 and 14

Cards 13 and 14 continue to represent the future unfolding, the base card once again either being helped or hindered by the actions of the top card.

Once these cards are laid I spread the entire pack out, face down, and ask the questioner to take further cards, to either add information to what is already there or proceed into the future.  At this point cards can be taken in response to questions, either concerning what has already been outlined or other issues.
This spread is fundamentally simple and very easy to use.  Practice will bring confidence and show you endless possibilities.  Each card will slightly change according to its position in the spread; for example a card depicting sorrow will symbolise hidden sorrow when appearing in the line of “the mind,” and open grief when seen on the line of “the physical world.”   Continue to build upon this theme and you will find that a card showing sorrow in “the mind” might well be directly above a card on the physical level showing happiness.  Thus you will be able to deduce that your client is inwardly very unhappy but puts on a smiling face to their family or friends, who probably don’t know how unhappy the client really is.


For beginners and more experienced tarot readers I have two books available in many popular formats.

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Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

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