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Weekly Horoscope 13th November to 19th November 2013

Back on susyradio tomorrow with Paul Tizzard, so don’t forget to tune in around 13:10.

12 zodiac signsIf you enjoy serious conversations then this will be a relaxing week, if not, then you may find others wanting to be deep and meaningful about anything and everything hard to take. The overall theme this week is one of hard work appearing to turn to dust, so many of you will be rethinking your life goals. Worrying about what others have got, and what you think they’ve achieved compared to yourself, will cause frustration, so this week’s motto is don’t let envy get in the way of success.

Aries star signAries have been working so hard that it’s now make-or-break time. Obstacles can be overcome, so keep pushing forwards. Friends and lovers offer easy companionship, but ensure you book that special restaurant table well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Taurus birth signTaurus may find themselves fretting over finances. Not a good time to invest in anyone but yourself and those closest to you. If you’re making wedding plans, or organising a big party, think twice before inviting absolutely everyone. A quiet dinner with your partner, or best friend, will help you relax.

Gemini star signGemini are busy overhauling their friendship list, and having heart to hearts to clear the air. Work is on a high with new jobs and contracts up for the taking. For singles intense conversations lay down possibilities for new romantic attachments, while secure couples focus on improving their relationships.

Cancer Star signCancer are happy ploughing all of their efforts into home and family. Some family members you might feel like relegating to the shed, out of sight and out of mind, but others you will embrace. Impromptu get togethers, fun, and overspending on delicious food to serve your guests, will make your week sing.

Leo star signLeo are feeling undervalued and underpaid at work, but rally by taking advice from close friends. A desire to move home is under discussion, and if you can’t afford to it’ll be redecoration. Romance takes a serious turn for single Leos who will be preparing to propose to their loved one and discuss moving in together.

Virgo star signVirgo will find most personal relationships tough going this week, with the home feeling like a battle-field. Work will offer escape, as well as clubs and societies, where you will feel truly respected and not taken for granted. You’ll have more fun being out with your friends, or taking to the hills on your own.

Libra star signLibra will be riddled with feelings of failure and constantly comparing themselves to others. Envy and jealousy can rear their heads, but there’s comfort to be had in pure escapism and getting away from your normal environment. Take a foreign trip, go for a pamper day, or talk to strangers, connect with new people and you’ll discover how much you truly have achieved

Scorpio star signScorpio have been digging deep and mining resources, laying down prosperity for the future. You may find others envious of your success, so don’t let them upset you. Sporting activity is highlighted this week, and if you’re considering going self-employed this is the time to do it.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are working hard behind the scenes, and may feel their efforts are currently unnoticed. Remember that all creativity takes time. Quiet conversations with friends will give opportunities to shine, and making plans for holidays and attending events will give you something to look forwards to.

Capricorn star signsCapricorn are overworking, so remember to take your breaks. Friends will be relying on you for support, but be careful about offering too much, regardless of how much you care for someone. Changes are slowly occurring in your public profile, so be prepared for unexpected adoration.

Aquarius star signAquarius are looking at new ways of bringing in money, which will entail lots of planning. Intense conversations with friends bring lots of ideas, so make sure you write them down. Not much time for romance, so you’ll be staying up late to make sure you find time for everyone and everything. Don’t forget to sleep!

Pisces star signPisces, Pisces, aren’t you the lucky ones with so much fun to be had, and so many opportunities for prosperity and happiness. You won’t understand when others envy your good fortune, so will retaliate with firm words, and quickly decide that some people simply aren’t worth talking to. Good on you!

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Weekly Horoscope 23rd October – 29th October 2013

Please note that this week the horoscope goes from WEDNESDAY as that’s the day I’ll be on Susyradio with Paul Tizzard just after 1pm

12 zodiac signsFamily confrontations have now eased up a bit, but most signs are making lots of secret plans for their futures, so won’t inform the family. Mercury is retrograde throughout so not an ideal time for personal communication. There’s a see-saw action this week which will destroy old dreams and desires, forcing everyone to build new visions of their future. But how is it to be done? Dreams versus reality. Which will win?

Aries star signAries will be taking positive action to secure something big: business backing, a house, a car, the love of their life. The dithering is over and it’s time to put your money down and take that risk. All kinds of proposals are in the air.


Taurus birth signTaurus will be conflicted between relocating their job versus uprooting their family, or breaking family ties. It’s time for a big upheaval. Need more time to think? Take to the gym and discuss it with sporting buddies.


Gemini star signGemini are risking all for romance. Work is steady, friendships are solid, but there’s an urge to be more passionate and spontaneous in romance. Go for that hot date. If you’re in a regular relationship seek out new destinations to visit and stay over at a hotel to add some spice.

Cancer Star signCancer are happy with new homes and lifestyle alterations. Or are they? Suddenly you’re anxious and wondering whether you’ve made the right choices compared to everyone else. Time to take a trip and enjoy a change of scene; then return and see things with fresh eyes.

Leo star signLeo doesn’t want to be tied down right now, creating tensions in relationships. Stay or go, keep what you’ve got, or change it. Only quiet contemplation can help you decide, so make time for yourself and hide for a while.



Virgo star signVirgo will be achieving high in their careers, studies and businesses. It’s relationships that bring the confusion. Regular relationships are sound but for singles there are so many people to meet and get to know, but which is the right one? This is romance versus sensibility. Was love ever sensible?


Libra star signLibra are turning committed relationships into solid friendships, and looking for romance through the pleasures of study and foreign travel. It’s a balancing trick with Libra, knowing that you don’t have to give up being romantic, simply because you have a steady partner.

Scorpio star signScorpio are still striving hard at work and gradually being noticed for their efforts. You may feel that you’ve become dull and you’re turning into your parents, so be spontaneous, and take your lover out for a fast drive to a windswept coastline and watch the sun set…or the lightning hit the sea…or huge waves crash…

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are knuckling under to commitments in group endeavours, striving hard for a better future, and making their dreams and visions reality. This mainly takes place through creative projects such as painting, writing etc. so the romantic partner is mainly in the head, not sitting next to you.


Capricorn star signsCapricorn are determined to gain respect from the world, so if that requires new shoes, clothes, or car; then so be it. All Capricorns will be offering their partners support at social and business functions, so if that requires money spent on image; then so be it. Perhaps I should keep it simple and say ‘Retail therapy is good for you this week!’

Aquarius star signAquarius are finding work pressures frustrating. What does the boss want, versus what do you want out of the work situation? The right environment and team will be important to you, as well as opportunities to work without interference. Money earnt is quickly frittered on romantic partners.


Pisces star signPisces are bucking the trend again this week, urging others to make important decisions on their behalf, and finding plenty of time to sit around and relax. Cooking and eating will be favourite pastimes, then a little dancing to shake off the pounds.


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Weekly Horoscope 18th October to 24th October 2014

Please note that this week the horoscope goes from FRIDAY as that’s the day I’ll be on Susyradio with Paul Tizzard just after 1pm

12 zodiac signsThis week’s overall theme is the conflict between precise detail and impatience. A bit like oil and water really, they just don’t mix!

Aries star signAries will find all that tricky analysis taking place in connection with finances, so it’s an excellent time to secure a mortgage or loan. This is all for a good reason as some serious romantic vibes are going on and I sense some nest building in preparation for commitment.

Taurus birth signTaureans are in a stubborn mood with their loves ones, wanting changes in the home to go all their way. When negotiations fall to pieces they’ll run off and overspend on a new car or expensive gym membership, through some wild desire to escape.


Gemini star signGemini will enjoy over analysing everything, especially finances, business projects and whether the ball was really over the line in any game or sport. Impatience rears its head in romance and they’re determined to catch the love of their life before someone else steps in.

Cancer Star signCancer will become very picky around the home, determined to make it clean, tidy and practical. The counterbalance is to take off on sudden journeys, maybe even overseas, and almost certainly to lovers, or exciting friends, to party and have a laugh.


Leo star signLeos will become all pompous and arrogant in any verbal discussion, especially around finances and sports, convinced they know better than anyone else. They’ll then rush off and drag their lover back to their cave and smooch them with passion and meaningful conversation.


Virgo star signVirgos usually thrive on thinking everything through, but this week it can turn heated around personal issue. Business can go well and whether studying or researching, once you relax you’ll have a eureka moment, and solve a problem in seconds.


Libra star signLibrans will find themselves analysing their own self-worth and debating the meaning of life, so much so that wondering what is of value in the greater scheme of things might make them feel stuck. An impulse to whisk their lover off to the movies or dinner breaks the cycle, and they’ll enjoy indulging in romantic fantasies.

Scorpio star signScorpios will experience a very intense week at work and home, making their point with laser precision. Is there any respite from all that thinking? Yes, sports and silliness, and impulsive spending on new equipment and toys, especially if they go vroom-vroom!


Sagittarius star signSagittarians will feel introspective, all that deep thinking taking place in the mind and unconsciously in the psyche. Excellent for any type of mediumistic or psychic work. Unfortunately the backlash is to want to have a sudden clear out of the home, so be careful in case you accidently throw away something important.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns are having an intense work schedule and might end up dragging some of that work-load home with them. Clubs, societies, music and phoning friends to switch off or put the world to rights will be your safety valve, so go forth and boogie, it’ll do you the power of good.

Aquarius star signAquarians are going through a bit of a ‘poor me’ phase and appear to be unable to work out why certain things are happening to them. Nothing feels right at the moment. Reinventing yourself is the answer, so some of you will be suddenly changing career path, while others will be chucking out clothes and refilling the wardrobe.

Pisces star signPisces appear to be bucking the trend by passing all of that complicated thinking over to other people and avoiding the headache. This eases up time for romantic fantasies and the freedom to take off at a moment’s notice, especially to more distant locations.


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Weekly Horoscope 4th September to 10th September 2013

12 zodiac signsMercury, the planet of communication, is in Virgo all week, suggesting that we analyse every situation and take times to think things through. That all sounds very inspiring until we see that it makes only weak aspects, and on the 9th, when it moves into Libra, doesn’t make any aspects at all. On 6th Sept the Moon snuggles up to go conjunct, but with only a flaky semi-sextile to Venus in Libra lots of heart-felt talk might end in tears; especially as Venus is out on a limb too, making it near enough impossible to get our personal desires met. This will make it a tough time for communication, and result in lots of internal processing and difficulty getting your point across. Yes folks, this goes for EVERY star sign, not just Virgo.

For the entire week the Sun in Virgo is opposite Chiron in Pisces stirring up old hurts, and with Venus weakly aspected throughout it doesn’t look like a very happy time ahead, especially for anyone looking for romance.

6th September 2013 showing Mercury conjunct Moon and Venus semi-sextile

6th September 2013 showing Mercury conjunct Moon and Venus semi-sextile

This is definitely a duvet week where for many of us it will all be a whole lot easier if we simply don’t bother to climb out of bed in the morning.

If you do get out of bed I’m back on Susyradio on Wednesday between 1pm and 2pm BST with Paul Tizzard

Aries star signAries will find the 7th an excellent day to push forwards in both business ventures and the buying and selling of property, or moving house. It’s an excellent time to borrow money, and success can be achieved overseas, or with foreign partners. Everything’s revolving around work and duty, so please, if you’re out with friends, try hard to switch the conversation away from all things related to business.

Taurus birth signTaureans can find work pretty confusing this week, thinking they’ve done a lot and not reaped much reward. Watch out for road rage, trolley rage and any other type of rage with older people who are strangers. Keep calm and walk away. Sports are a great stress buster and see you achieving success, while social life revolves around the home and helping other people sort out their problems.

Gemini star signMercury rules Gemini and its weak aspects create stalemates at home and awkward periods of long silence. New business ventures start to take out and this is a great time to consolidate financial transactions, with a hand-shake, leave reading and signing the paperwork for a week or so. If you have children, or are looking to study, you may well be offered a place at the school, college or university that you’ve been waiting to have confirmed. Romance is confusing but house hunting brings results.

Cancer Star signFor Cancerians money and property issues still cause concern. Responsibilities weigh heavy in connection with elders, siblings and spouses, so just remember that there’s only one of you and you can’t be all things to all people. Pleasure is to be found on long journeys taken on your own and socialising with close neighbours and friends. As much as you love your home this week it’s best to stay out and about as much as possible because as soon as you’re indoors again other people will make demands on your time.

Leo star signLeos can feel very tetchy this week, especially when driving or on public transport. Promises of future prosperity and offered because people in authority have acknowledged how hard you work. Children will squabble when you try and rearrange the living space, and grown-ups will squabble like children. They all know think they know better than you. Anyone involved in motor-sports or sports involving strength can achieve success. If you have any on-going legal battles they are nearing a resolution and some of you may discover that you benefit from a will.

Virgo star signVirgos will overcome this week’s problems by overspending. Nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy. Uniforms and team equipment will be on the shopping list, and, for both men and women, something really sleek and snazzy to show off to others when out wining and dining. Your social life revolves around formal dinner invitations, so dress to impress. Difficulties at home, especially with things like the plumbing really irritate, but this is when you discover who your friends because they’ll rush to your rescue, make you a cuppa and invite you to stay for supper. The muck turns into gold.

Libra star signWith your ruling planet Venus acting all distant Librans will feel especially unrewarded. However, Saturn is exalted in your sign and this week it makes excellent aspects in the areas of romance, especially if one of you is slightly older, property and laying down plans for long trips and visits overseas. Business relationships may feel tense, but as difficult as communication is this week, push ahead and make your boundaries clear. You’re ready for new beginnings and this is time to sweep the decks.

Scorpio star signScorpios are still feeling the burden of responsibility, but there are positive breakthroughs this week, especially if buying property. Restlessness is creeping up and many of you will be looking to change career. If you’ve already put in your job application you may well hear positive news, because luck is on your side as far as gaining prestige. This is a time to shine and be seen by others as someone who is strong and powerful.

Sagittarius star signSagittarians never do like sitting still for long and this week you’re fidgeting all over the place. People want to tie you down to being group captain or team leader, but you’d rather go for long walks, play tennis and stretch your body. Conflicts with others about who they think you are and what you should do, versus who you know you are and what you like to do, will make you stressed. Best advice is to run away and hide because while Mercury is weakly aspected nobody is listening to your point of view.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns will find all relationships difficult to handle this week, and might even bring tears, so it’s best to be stubborn and make out that you know best, even if you don’t feel that you do. Bluff is the way forwards. Retail therapy is in the stars for you as well, but unlike Virgo you’re not out to shop for lasting goodies, this is all about instant gratification, so expect to find chocolate leaping into your shopping basket, as well as sweets and biscuits. There’ll be a surprise person asking to share it with you, someone you didn’t think cared, which cheers you up.

Aquarius star signAquarians appear to be skimming through this complex week and unearthing its good points. All work brings good financial rewards, probably more than anticipated. Friendships are tested but news ideas evolve through heated discussions, and Aquarians are never ones to let a tiff break a friendship. Some people will think you’re seeing the world sideways and not taking life seriously enough, but you’ll laugh and wonder why everyone around you is so het up.

Pisces star signPisces are the others sign who appear to be dodging the stones thrown by this week’s planetary alignments. Luck is on your side in connection with relationships and property, so for you it’s smiling all the way. If you work in education or are teaching children of your own taking breaks for exercise will see everyone working better. Professional and personal politics threaten to mar your week, so take refuge in a good book or movie and forget it even exists.

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12 zodiac signsWell after the initial excitement of last week’s radio broadcast on SusyRadio the presenter Paul Tizzard and I have been asked by the radio station controller to keep things simple and stick to outlining each star sign’s week ahead. I don’t understand all of the rules but it seems that Ofcom wouldn’t like what we were doing by offering insight into a real person’s birth chart.

It’s a great pity because although Sun sign astrology has its merits it really doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, and certainly doesn’t portray the true depth of astrology and the insights into personality structure that can be seen in an accurate natal birth chart.

You can still hear my dulcet tones on SusyRadio tomorrow between 13:15 and 14:00 BST, so listen in if you can. I’m sure we’ll be able to slip in a little general information about astrology somewhere.

So here they are, in advance of the show, this coming week’s predictions for each star sign.

The trine we saw last week between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is still in place this week and continues the theme of elders and responsibility, although as Mars has shifted away from Jupiter things ease up a little bit.

Aries star sign

Aries will want to spend the week getting ahead at work, but find many of their best efforts frustrated. Meaningful conversations with friends will help ease the way and towards the end of the week new personal and business relationships will make you feel a lot better about complex work situations.


TaurusTaurus birth sign will be in a playful mood for much of the week. They will be encouraged to take centre stage and share their opinions on many issues, especially if they are involved in education or training others. Housework will feel like a real chore, so leave the pots and pans until later, there’s far too much fun to be had.


Gemini star signWhether employed, self-employed or looking for work Geminis will be offered additional responsibilities which can lay down the foundation for future prosperity. Take those opportunities while they’re there. Home life is pretty easy going, but all Geminis have a habit of constantly rearranging the furniture, and this week sees you shifting things around, especially if you’re preparing for visitors to come and stay.


Cancer Star signCancerians are still finding life challenging, mostly in connection with family, home and property. Joining a group of like-minded people will offer a positive avenue to explore your own needs and so this is an excellent time to start pursuing a hobby that you’ve never found enough time for, but always wanted to do.


Leo star signLeos always like to have fun and play, but this week home and family situations urge them to be grown-up and discuss difficult situations. Don’t worry, travel, sports and spiritual activities offer plenty of opportunities to escape and have fun with upbeat friends.


Virgo star signWith lovely Venus in Virgo’s sign this week they will find themselves making new friends, while for the unattached romance is in the air. These will be different types of people to the kind of connections you usually make, and life will feel refreshing, exciting and stimulating.


Libra star signLibrans are due to meet some pretty quirky people this week who will invite you to sit down and tell them all about yourself. Don’t be shy; accept invites to social gatherings and by the end of the week you could find yourself with a very special new friend, who you won’t meet if you don’t take the risk.


Scorpio star signScorpios are still feeling the burden of responsibility, but this week you’re emerging as the authority figure and getting people around you to take you seriously. This can start to bring social and business success, and if you’ve been thinking of changing job this is an excellent week to put in your C.V. for that new position. Catching up with friends helps you balance work and play.


Sagittarius star signSagittarians will be feeling very restless this week; you really won’t feel like doing tedious things that need to be done, such as keeping on top of paying bills or doing the laundry. Any work will be irritating. Escape as often as possible to your favourite spiritual or sporting group to let off steam and put the world to rights.


Capricorn star signsThis week Capricorns will find themselves surrounded by people. They’ll make new friends, catch up with old friends and be so popular that there won’t be enough hours in the day to do everything they want to do. It’s an exciting time with lots of interesting conversations and if you’re involved with learning something new or teaching the ideas will just keep on coming.


Aquarius star signAquarians will be prioritising domestic issues this week, including getting those odd jobs done, clearing their desk at work of any back log, and spending quality time with their pets. Close friends will offer praise and invite you out to explore different places that you’ve never been to before. A good week to spend quiet time with that special person in your life.


Pisces star signPisces are always sensitive folk and this week any duties, both at home or work, can feel a little overwhelming. Good friends will come to your rescue and there’s lots of fun to be had going to the theatre or cinema, and buying a few treats for the home, such as soft furnishings or cooking utensils.

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12 zodiac signsLast week a local radio station in Surrey UK SusyRadio asked if they could read out my blog post about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby son George Alexander Louis. I was thrilled to bits and the feedback from listeners has resulted in yours truly being invited by local radio presenter Paul Tizzard to test the waters for a regular slot talking about astrology on SusyRadio between 13:30 and 14:00 BST every Wednesday. You can listen online, so my overseas audience can enjoy the programme too.

Today Wednesday 31st July was my first live on air chat about astrology with Paul Tizzard and it all went really smoothly for a live show. We opened with some general discussion about how I deal with sceptics and then, after one of my favourite songs, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, I went on to give a brief overview of each star sign’s week ahead.

The show’s producer Rob James was roped into offering over his full birth data; date, place and time of birth so that I could give a brief character portrait. I quickly saw that he’s a truly genuine guy; so he laughed, and said he wouldn’t deny any of it! We had loads of fun, and the listeners did too.

We’re going to make the brief character profile a regular feature, so Paul’s busy gathering birth data for me. I’ll also be doing a weekly horoscope for each star sign.; and we’re trying to set up a podcast so that you can listen to the show again online.

In the meantime I’d like to share with you this coming week’s predictions for each star sign, as read out on SusyRadio

Because there’s a grand trine between Saturn, Neptune and a conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, a theme for all signs over the coming week is the influence of older people and people in authority, so don’t worry if some signs sound a bit similar. The grand trine will affect each sign in a different way.

Aries star sign

Aries are due a week of fun and play, and there are good times to be had with older people socially. Watch out for arguments and disagreements if you’re moving house or doing any home decorating.

Taurus birth signTaureans are also due a week of fun and play, but the influence of older people for them is around education, and with authority figures around possible disruptions while travelling; so make sure you double check all details if going overseas.

Gemini star signFor Gemini those authority figures are showing up mainly in the work place, but also in social groups. This cuts two ways and in some situations you may be the person who is called upon to assert authority and be the strong leader. It’s also a good time to increase your income.

Cancer Star signCancerians, who aren’t having a particularly easy time of things at the moment, will find that most of the struggles with elders and authority figures takes place around their work and home situations, but there are some really positive aspects saying that your friends are there for you, so make that call and arrange to meet for coffee or a meal together.

Leo star signLeos are riding high this week with the sun blazing in their solar. Although those authority figures are also showing up around the home and work place, Leo’s are currently actively seeking change, so they will feel very strong about pushing forwards towards their goals.

Virgo star signVirgos are likely to want to keep to themselves this week and seek some personal quiet time. There’s a bit of conflict here because there are also likely to be asked out to parties and social functions, and asked to take charge and become team leader, so keep a balance between socialising and that need for some quiet.

Libra star signLibrans are absolutely on top of the game this week. There are so many positive opportunities at both work and play that they won’t know which choice to make, so sit back and take a few minutes to think things through.

Scorpio star signScorpios are finding that they are the ones currently being asked to be the grown-ups and take on additional responsibilities. However this coming week the highlight is on planning holidays and other outings, especially with family members.

Sagittarius star signThose elders and authority figures show up in connection with education and study for Sagittarians, but as they always love to learn more about life this week will find them learning something new and wonderful from everyone they meet.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns will find lots of opportunity for play and fun this coming week, but those difficulties with elders and authority figures will most likely show their face in personal relationships. This is a time to run away and amuse yourself, which Capricorns are very good at doing.

Aquarius star signAquarians are currently brimming with business ideas, which is excellent for anyone type of work. Personal relationships are shown as inspiring and tender, so expect lots of late night talks with your loved ones.

Pisces star signPisceans will be feeling very romantic this week, people in a relationship will want to leave work early to be together, and singles may well find a dream partner. Any duties will feel like a chore, something to be finished quickly as life, love and romance beckon.

Have a great week, whichever star sign you are. Toni Allen Logo

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