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Billy the Kid is the one on the left

Billy the Kid is the one on the left

Every story has heroes and villains, the good guys and the bad guys, the ones we want to win, and the ones we know will be defeated. In books and movies the distinction is usually made pretty clear cut by the writer showing us that one is the goodie, the other the baddie. Sometimes the boundaries are blurred and we find the good guy being treated as a bad guy, one example being Harrison’s Ford’s character Dr Richard Kimble in The Fugitive. Kimble is accused of murdering his wife, resulting in US Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard, wonderfully portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, hunting him down, determined to catch a killer. In the film we know Kimble is innocent of this crime because we see scenes from his point of view, we become insiders, people who have witnessed the truth of the matter.

In real life that insider knowledge is denied to us. If we have a personal friendship with someone, then we might believe that we have some understanding of their motivation for a particular action. If they are a stranger to us, then we rely on newspaper reports, television news reels and hearsay, but these are easily coloured by sensationalism. This distortion can become even further exaggerated if the individual we’re judging died many years ago and has become a legend.

Billy the Kid playing croquet

The new photo of Billy the Kid playing croquet – courtesy of Kagin’s

Ever since a child I’ve been fascinated by the outlaw Billy the Kid, also known as William H Bonny amongst many other aliases, and originally named Henry McCarty. During my childhood he repeatedly appeared in westerns, as a youth lurking in the shadows, propping up a bar, being told he could only drink milk. ‘Is that the kid?’ some gunslinger would ask. ‘I hear that Sheriff Pat Garrett’s in town.’ The characters were clearly defined, Billy the Kid as an outlaw, Pat Garrett as the cop who was after him. We know who’s supposed to win.

So, why do we root for Billy the Kid? Is there a large question mark concerning his guilt or innocence? Or, do we simply feel empathy because he’s referred to as ‘kid’ and therefore must be young and less likely to do bad things? Movie makers err towards portraying him as a sympathetic character, and not a hardened criminal. He’s an outlaw, a man on the run, and just like Dr Kimble, a fugitive. The distinction between the two men is that we have never been given an insider scene for Billy the Kid, we don’t know precisely what happened that set him on a desperate trail.

The recent discovery, and verification, of a new photo of Billy the Kid set me on a trail of investigation. Was this guy a hero or a villain? Firstly I researched his date of birth and set up a noon time birth chart for him. I would go and read what others said about him later, after I’d made my own assessment of his character.

Billy the Kid potrait

The only previously known photo of Billy the Kid

Henry McCarty was born on 17th September 1859 in New York. (no birth time available) Early on that day the Moon is in Taurus, while from approximately 6:30 pm it’s in Gemini, closely conjunct his natal Uranus. This change in the Moon sign makes for two very different characters, but I prefer the earlier Taurus Moon, because when I did read up on him I learnt that he spoke fluent Spanish, and the earlier time places his natal Mercury conj. Mars in the 9th house, which would make him quick to pick up a new language. It also makes him an overall nicer person, steady and loyal; while Moon conj. Uranus would have him dropping his friends as quickly as a hot potato. I rather like the idea of him being a nice person, after all, I’ve been captivated by his story since childhood.

The new photo shows Billy playing croquet, allegedly after a friend’s wedding. This is normal stuff, this makes him a good guy. In his birth chart he has Jupiter in Cancer, showing how he likes and respects the concept of family and a sense of belonging.

So, where’s the villain in him? Is it there? Well, he has four planets in Virgo which would make him someone who is very intelligent, and extremely precise. He has Sun conj. Venus in Virgo giving him a desire to dress up smart, and to be clean and tidy. It can also give someone a slight stature, and records say that Billy wasn’t very tall, hence his nickname of ‘the kid.’ But, what’s this? He has Mercury conj. Mars in Virgo, which is maybe where the trouble begins. He’d have had a cutting tongue, but not necessarily a quick temper; however, it would make him extremely fast to draw a gun when angered, and he’d be highly accurate. This is turning him into Billy the Precision Kid. With Pluto in Taurus trine this Mars/Mercury conjunction, he’s someone who would brew and smoulder, build up hatred deep inside, then react when pushed too far.

Billy also has Uranus square Mercury/Mars conj. which would make him a risk taker. If he were alive today he’d ride a fast motorcycle, weave in and out of traffic at speed, but never fall off, never make a mistake. This square could make him quick to flare up, but more likely when speed is the challenge, such as a horse race or a competition to see who can shoot six tin-cans faster than the other. It could also make him impatient, but more with his tongue than his fists.

During my research I read various accounts of how Billy the Kid first came to kill a man, Frank P. Cahill. The consensus of opinion is that Billy went into a bar to do some gambling (he’d be good with cards and numbers, so probably won often – which might make him unpopular). Over the game of cards he gets into an argument with Cahill, reports suggesting that this was not a new issue and that Cahill frequently bullied Billy and physically assaulted him. On this fateful occasion, Cahill, a big man, knocks Billy down and straddles him, continuing to punch. Fearing for his life, Billy manages to draw his gun and shoots Cahill in the stomach, a wound he ends up dying from.

This story about Cahill’s behaviour, how he repeatedly picked on Billy and beat him up, paints Billy in the light of a man who was forced to take action to protect himself, and had reached the end of his tether with a bully. Billy was pushed too far. Billy was quick on the draw and didn’t think twice about the consequences of his actions, all he wanted was for that bully to stop thrashing him.

It also backs up my assessment that Billy has Moon Taurus. He’s stubborn. He kept going back to that darn bar, refusing to let a bully control his life. If he was born later in the day, with Moon conj. Uranus he’d more likely have had entirely the opposite reaction. He’d have walked away. If someone kept picking on him he’d have turned right around and found a different bar to gamble in, found new friends. He wouldn’t have hung around.

None of this casts Billy the Kid as a hero or a villain, but if I were writing an insider scene, something that only the reader gets to share, I’d show a conversation between Billy and his friends. They’d beg him not to go into Atkins saloon, tell him that they’d seen that bully Cahill go in there earlier, warn him to gamble elsewhere. Billy would, of course, have responded that no man was going to intimidate him into not going where he wanted to go. If Cahill attacked him then he’d sidestep, he was quick on his feet, nimble like a dancer. I’d then change scene to inside the saloon, show Cahill talking with his buddies, telling them how was going to thrash that kid if he showed his face today. As we read we beg Billy not to walk through those swing doors into that bar, but the stubborn youngster pushes them open, steps inside, and an outlaw is born.

Billy the Kid

Birth chart for Billy the Kid erected for 12:30pm

Here are som great places to research Billy the Kid.





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If you missed me talking live on Radio Woking about all things astrology you can now listen to a recording of the show.

I was in coversation with the fabulous presenter Sharon Galliford on her Sunday morning show The View From Here.

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This coming Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 11am, I’ll be a guest speaker for Radio Woking’s presenter Sharon Galiford on her fabulous show The View From Here

I’ll be appearing live at 11am BST, but don’t worry if you’re overseas as once the show’s been broadcast I’ll be posting a link for you to sit back and listen after we’ve been on air.

Toni Allen Radio Woking

Sharon and I will be talking all things astrology, so do tune in to The View From Here, this Sunday.

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12 zodiac signsAstrological Forecast For October 2014

The month of October threatens to be challenging because from 6th Oct through to 27th Oct Mercury, the planet of communication, is going retrograde. This always creates hiccups by delaying vital messages getting through, playing havoc with our internet connections and, somehow, making us all speak at cross purposes to each other. Do not despair; there are others things to do apart from talk. Jupiter is in Leo and that means fun, fun, fun.

Aries star signAries will have a romantic month and feel very secure with their partner. Finding time to be alone and work is the tough part. Buying art and beautiful objet d’art for your home gives you great pleasure: you’re investing in your future. Friends may be jealous of your abundance, but ignore them, I see you working hard for your success.

Taurus star signTaurus You’re determined to succeed but confused as to direction. This is a time of networking and being prepared to change your mind. Travel, writing and education are the top things to do, but relationships look a bit stodgy, so take space to be on your own for a while. Persuading people of how useful you are comes easy, which is brilliant if you’re looking to change career or job.

gemini star signGemini Work is going extremely well, but is it to the detriment of your family relationships? Taking home the bacon is all well and good, but don’t keep boring your loved ones with business talk. Moving home, refurbishment, or even building a house, all go well; so does any kind of public performance. The end of the month finds you in party mood and ready to have some fun.

Cancer star signCancer, you love your home but this month you’re working hard, saving up to visit exotic locations and travelling to nearer destinations. I see you talking, planning and having loads of fun chatting about where you’ll visit. It’s a lucky month for you, and anyone who makes people laugh for a living, or is a tour guide, will be especially fortunate. If you have teenage children this may be the first time you leave them home alone while you go off travelling.

leo star signLeo will spend this month spending: lots! There are so many lovely things out there that you just have to have. Some of you will be spending to heal a broken heart, while others will be re-mortgaging in order to get ahead and buy something better. Most conversations will be light hearted, because you really don’t fancy thinking sensibly at the moment. Life is fun and you want to enjoy it: right now.

Virgo star signVirgo may be feeling romantically confused. You appear to be slightly fed up with everything, but determined to create sweeping changes. There’s a hunt for a new career and better prospects, as well as a promise to invest more time and energy in yourself. Pursuits carried on in isolation bring great rewards, but anyone working in hospitals will be at the fore front of major upheavals. Visiting close friends is very relaxing and gives you a boost.

Libra star signLibra are uncertain about current friendships and romance, so are forging ahead to meet new people. Showing off is good and brings you some much needed attention. Money may feel tight, so be wary of ‘get rich quick’ schemes, they may not be all they seem. Fun is to be found by dressing up and looking good, so treat yourself to some new glad rags and go and knock those new friends for six.

Scorpio star signScorpio, your tastes are changing with a new leaning towards foreign or tribal art. Usually loathe to throw away anything, you’re now having a bit of a clear out. Possessions are possessing you; and with a great desire to travel now calling, travelling light appears to be the answer. Work will offer sudden opportunities to go in a different direction, but with no time to talk things through, you have to make a quick decision.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius Life’s a bit of a jumble. You appear to be receiving lots of praise, but very little reward for your efforts. Stay or go? Relish the limelight for now and slowly plan your escape. You’re in quite a philosophical mood, constantly discussing with others the concept of pushing against known boundaries. Plan, plan and keep planning; the time for action will be the end of the year. Meanwhile be creative in the arts or sport, it will you help burn off some of that frustration.

Capricorn star signCapricorn are beavering away behind the scenes and making their dreams come true. Writing, communication and foreign travel can all make you prosperous right now. Some people may not understand what you’re doing, but those who do will encourage you enormously. It’s a good time to learn a new language and to drum up funding for any new business enterprise.

Aquarius star signAquarius You’re trying to change your lifestyle and looking to loved ones for support. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect everything to happen overnight: be patient. Your romantic life is really strong, however general friendships, especially with wealthier people, will start to irritate and make you question their morals. Long walks and laughter with your favourite person make all of your troubles evaporate.

pisces2Pisces are in a very dreamy mood; however those dreams appear to be highly creative because this month is positive for work and personal projects. Travel can bring new opportunities for romance, but do you speak the same language, in every sense of the phrase? There’s a shift coming in how you want others to view you, but as yet it’s all dreams, so read another fantasy novel and laugh when others say you’re wasting your time.


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Weekly Horoscope 2nd July to 8th July 2014

12 zodiac signsOn the 3rd July Mercury the planet of communication goes direct again, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and start mopping up the mess its retrograde motion created. Or can we? Midweek, relationships come under pressure from every direction as the planets briefly align in a cardinal square, indicating that any actions taken during this phase will have long term consequences. Hence this week’s theme is ‘A moment in time can change your life forever.’

Aries star signAries are determined to use their communication skills for maximum impact, but some people will be confused as to whether you’re speaking to them as a friend or merely a useful contact. Home life is good, with a fleet of fascinating friends keeping you amused; but do try avoid talking about work all of the time, or they’ll be turning up the stereo and forcing you to lighten up.

Taurus star signTaurus are determined to cash in on their words, so anyone who writes reports, stories or lyrics can do extremely well. You’ll be offering full support to loved one who have to rush away and deal with a crisis. Philosophical or political arguments can be strained, so bring out the wine and forget about winning or losing, because being bull-headed will get you nowhere.

gemini star signGemini are using their words to play, and are up to their usual verbal tricks, having fun and not caring what the rest of the world thinks of them. It’s all light hearted banter, yet it can bring great success at work and impress the boss, hence it’s a good time to pitch for a higher salary or apply for a new job. Romance is fun, but don’t forget to ask that special person for their number before you leave the party.

Cancer star signCancer are busy exploring the meaning of life and keeping their thoughts and words to themselves. Any time spent with children or youngsters is rewarding, but their apparent freedom gets you wondering what your own future has to offer, and makes you yearn for a change of career. This is a great week for study and laying down the foundations for a new life direction, which may include relocation or foreign travel.

leo star signLeo are masking their troubles with a lot of jovial banter and everyone will see you as the life and soul of the party. Deep down family and financial issues force you to be serious and take on responsibilities, while work appears to be one long stressful chore. Teaming up with a chum and taking an impromptu trip to an exciting location will offer some much needed fun and relaxation.

Virgo star signVirgo are successfully bringing positive change into their lives, but breaking with the past will feel painful for a while. A determination to succeed makes you extremely popular at work, and many new connections made now will prove beneficial in the future for both career and finances. There’s romance to be found while out socialising, but given the choice of two love interests go for the sensitive one, because the fascinating one is only after some fun.

Libra star signLibra are still struggling with personal relationships and in a quandary as to what to do. Whether to move house or not is something else you’re in a dither about, and you don’t know how best to keep your scales balanced. Seeking answers in spiritual pursuits, and meeting up with like-minded people who enjoy debating the meaning of life brings respite from your worries. It’s a time to talk and think, not act.

Scorpio star signScorpio travel plans may get disrupted, but you’re pretty good at muddling along with anyone your left stranded with, and surprised that people openly share their secrets with you. You’re trying to start new projects, but the old ones refuse to end gracefully. Household duties and children take time, energy and money, but a delightful trip to ‘home from home’ is worth every penny.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are on the brink of changing their career as they endeavour to incorporate more play into their work. Long standing friends test you to the limits, but exciting new acquaintances bring a smile to your face. Reading up on a favourite subject gives you pleasure, as well as sitting home alone watching a film or listening to music.

Capricorn star signCapricorn are networking like crazy and making excellent new contacts for both work and play. Business meetings and public presentations go extremely well, but don’t measure success by financial reward because there isn’t much there yet for your efforts. Let others wine and dine you, impress them with your sparkling wit, and don’t be surprised when your romantic partner compliments you. This week you’re shining.

Aquarius star signAquarius are making great strides with work projects. You appear to be at the centre of a social hub with lots of chit-chat and quirky jokes flying around. Deep and serious talk is of greater interest to you, and you find plenty of people to discuss personal projects and pet subjects. If you have a creative idea don’t talk about it, start to make it happen.

pisces2Pisces want to play, but everyone appears to be too busy to join in, so you may feel at a bit of a loose end. Work is irritating, and large groups of people stress you out, so take off to your favourite spiritual sanctuary, or health spa, and break the bank finding like-minded people. There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself and hunting down new play-mates.

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Weekly Horoscope 11th June 2014 to 17th June 2014

Don’t forget to join me on The Paul Tizzard Radio Show this Wednesday just after 1pm GMT.

12 zodiac signsWith Mercury retrograde in Cancer this could be a time of feeling ‘poor me,’ which will mainly involve comfort eating, and hooking up with inappropriate people because you believe that are the only one listening to you. Take heart from the fact that sitting home alone is not always such a bad thing and that there are still hundreds of great movies you’ve never found time to watch. So, whether it’s a new film, or an old favourite, this is definitely ‘escape to the flicks’ week.

Aries star signAries will be over working to the detriment of their relationship. A desire to progress and increase your income appears to be taking priority, so remember not to get scratchy with your nearest and dearest. Moving home, or rearranging the furniture in your current abode, are likely; but do find time to relax. War films and thrillers will help you live out your frustrations in fantasy land.

Taurus star signTaurus are overcoming the communication issues by restricting personal conversation to close friends. Any group you belong to won’t be listening, and work colleagues can be especially testing. Don’t forget to back-up your computer because important files might hide from sight. Eating with friends will help you relax, and it doesn’t matter which film you watch, it’s the popcorn and chocolates that hit the button.

gemini star signGemini will find success at work, it’s family and friends demanding attention and hand outs that irritate. A small windfall is possible. Research and spiritual quests occupy your mind and during your spare time we’ll seeing you playing host to important work associates. A crime movie would suit you down to the ground, something like a good bank robbery, because right now you feel like you’re being everyone’s piggy-bank.

Cancer star signCancer will find all forms of communication really frustrating. It’s as if you can’t get a word in edgeways. Your phone or PC might go on the blink, but don’t panic, it’s a good excuse to go and buy something top of the range to cheer yourself up. New toys of all sorts are needed for comfort and entertainment this week. If the other half complains, go and treat them to something as well. Going out to see the latest blockbuster is your movie, after all your gadgets don’t appear to be working properly.

leo star signLeo it’s most unlike you to want to hide in your shell, so entertain at home. It looks like you’re feeling over worked and under paid, so don’t be too over generous with your time and efforts. Any group activity will be sorely frustrating, because nobody is listening to anyone else. Treat yourself to something expensive that you can wear and show-off, then tuck yourself away with a pleasant family movie.

Virgo star signVirgo appear to be avoiding the communication problems by writing everything down so that you can check your facts. Excellent idea. Romance is in the air, but try not to misread text messages from your loved one. Socially you’re the centre of attention and having a fine old time, but stop worrying about everyone being more prosperous than you, the truth is they like you for who you are, not what you have. A whole bunch of you going to the cinema together will give you loads of common ground to talk about afterwards.

Libra star signLibra are in a real quandary concerning relationships, but if you’ve recently split up, a new love interest is on the horizon. Work and your social status is improving, which is really helping your self-esteem. Dining out with friends is important this week because it makes you feel included, while planning an overseas trip gives you something to look forward to. A dreamy, rather surreal film would suit your mood. Ever watched Vanilla Sky?

Scorpio star signScorpio are flying high, and getting to grips with new responsibilities. If you’re at all involved with children or youngsters do maintain discipline, or they’ll be taking control. Something is going on in your home that’s making it topsy-turvy, and accidents will happen, such as breakages; so watch where you’re walking. Romance is strong and your ideal film is a road-movie, but I have a hunch you may take off for a drive and experience it for real.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are taking on big projects and don’t have time to waste in idle chatter. You’ll want to be on your own because other people’s conversation, even in connection with work or business, appears to be way off the mark. Recently you’ve been building up your funds and this week is right for exploring what you’ll invest your hard earned cash in. You’re romantic partner might think you’ve vanished, and if you try and make up by watching a movie together I bet they’ll talk all the way through. Watch any film your partner would enjoy, and read a book.

Capricorn star signCapricorn are out to have fun and don’t care whether anyone is listening to them or not. A musical festival, a local band, any loud music would suit you well. Turn the stereo up and try not to upset the neighbours. I think a state-of-the-art set of headphones will be your treat for the week. Relationships are being consolidated and a very serious proposal may be heading your way. Skip the movies unless it’s full of music, and heavy drama.

Aquarius star signAquarius at long last you’re gaining a sense of achievement in all work projects, but if self-employed the money has yet to come in. Cooking for friends will be fun, but try to avoid controversial topics of conversation. Romance is hot and steamy, with new romantic couples growing closer together. Choose an easy film to watch as your concentration wanders and you’re likely to fall asleep halfway through.

pisces2Pisces are still feeling playful, and I see you planning overseas trip and seeking adventure. Your budget appears to be out of control, but there’s a close friend willing to bail you out. You’re restless and looking to explore new experiences, such as spiritual matters, or tasting every new food you’ve never eaten before. You’re romancing everyone, and making loads of new friends, but uncertain about committing to any one person. Your movie choice will be any type of movie you’ve never watched, so get a stack of DVDs and ring the changes.

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12 zodiac signsWeekly Horoscope 16th April to 22nd April 2014

We’re right in the middle of a cardinal grand square, which means that we’re all on the cusp of change. It will feel like a major upheaval, but think of it as emptying your wardrobe so that you can fill it with exciting new clothes and step out into the world as someone new. Lots of us will be evaluating the past to see how we can improve our futures. If we can dream it, then we can make it happen. This week’s motto is definitely ‘That which I keep but don’t need holds me back.’

Aries2Aries tug for change is all around relationships. A long term relationship may have been very supportive for work and business, but now it’s time to put it on a different footing. Your desire to be romantic and settle down to a satisfactory home life forces you to readjust your priorities. Can you have work, money and romance? The answer is yes, and these following weeks see you steadily laying down the foundations for a more creative and fulfilling personal life.

Taurus2Taurus have been beavering away in the background, struggling to achieve their dreams. Now sees a shift towards wining and dining with friends and opening up to a more leisurely lifestyle. Whether to travel for work or pleasure is a challenge, so take your partner with you and extend the work trip to have some fun. If single new romantic partners can be encountered during social activities, so snap them up while your confidence is high.

gemini2Gemini have been exploring various work projects for a while now and it’s time to whittle down and prioritise to just one. Sporting activities can be fraught with arguments and disputes, but opportunities for business and pleasure can flood in via social interaction, including online social media. Romance takes place across the dinner table, but remember not to over eat or you’ll be out of sorts for the rest of the evening.

Cancer2Cancer will find themselves overwhelmed by family responsibilities, and some family situations could turn sour and spiteful. Running away is the best answer as travelling around with a chum offers romance and excitement. Exploring history and learning about famous people, perhaps even starting your family tree, are excellent joint activities that can bring you and your loved ones closer together.

leo2Leo doesn’t like feeling stifled and this week rebellion is on the wind. Frustration, leaving work early and driving too fast can all bring a back lash of anger from others. Your best bet is to work from home, keep calm and spend quality time with loved ones. Romantic dreams have you imagining a brighter future with a perfect home and an easy job. Share those dreams with your partner and over the coming months watch them unfold.

Virgo2Virgo money worries and concerns over how other people perceive you have been dragging you down. Meeting up with friends can help set your mind to rest and you’ll be amazed at how supportive others can be. Romantic encounters see you staying up late and talking until the early hours, eating and making promises for the future. Anyone involved in theatre, drama or public presentations can have rave reviews when playing the leading role.

Libra2Libra still don’t know where they’re at with relationships and home life. Who to be with and where to live are pressing questions. A close encounter with someone truly fascinating will add sparkle to your career prospects and could end up as a very special friend. If you’re involved in the creative arts such as photography or media; or at all interested in aromatherapy or spiritual healing this is an excellent time to learn new skills and show others what you already know.

Scorpio2Scorpio’s dramatic shift is towards taking their creativity more seriously. Anything you’ve been involved with purely as a hobby can now become the main focus of your career. Words and the way those words are spoken become especially important, so precision is essential. You’re busy playing and exploring not only different countries and cities, but also more meaningful parts of yourself. Whether in a relationship or single this is an excellent week for romance.

Sagittarius2Sagittarius are restless to find a different platform to perform on in life so that they can take centre stage. Always eager to be out and about, now is a time for sitting at your desk doing all of the hard work involved in generating change. It isn’t boring stuff because a keen eye for detail makes you feel truly involved in current projects. If you have a choice between spending time with hectic people or calm souls, choose the calm, because there’s kindness and love to be found amongst these happy folk.

Capricorn2Capricorn will be feeling the full force of this cardinal square and wondering whether to up sticks, move house and change career completely. Where to live and what to do with your life are the big questions. The past few weeks we’ve seen you pretty isolated, but suddenly friends are in good supply and invitations to all kinds of exciting and interesting events will come your way. Music and laughter abound and romantic words flow easily between you and your partner.

Aquarius2Aquarius are frustrated with the lack of progress in work and career, but light isn’t far away at the end of the tunnel; so a breakthrough is imminent. People are already noticing your warm hearted qualities, so don’t be surprised if you’re approached and offered new opportunities. Anyone working in the health sector, or with complementary medicine, will find themselves steeped with praise from happy patients and clients. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself; and treat yourself to something special.

pisces2Pisces are still having an easy, loved up, romantic time of things. However, the party is taking on a more serious note and people will be requesting that you step up and take charge of group activities and financial issues. This will irritate and frustrate you enormously. Why be responsible for others when life can be so much fun? Find the right balance by helping out just a little and you’ll do just fine.

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