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My novel Visiting Lilly takes place in the lead up to Christmas so I’ve made a seasonal book trailer. It’s a page turning mystery thriller which can be read at any time of year and is available on Amazon where it’s receiving 5 star reviews.

By the way, it’s readers and reviewers who are calling it a page turner: the feedback I’m having is amazing. One guy told me he hardly ever reads novels, but couldn’t wait for his tea break at work to get back to his ereader to find out what happened next. One woman I spoke to said a scene in Visiting Lilly had her in tears, because it was such an accurate portrayal of a situation she had experienced.

Keep an eye out because before Christmas I’ll be running some discounts and rock botom prices. Perfect for stocking fillers.


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Visiting Lilly by Toni AllenI’m thrilled to receive a 5 star review for Visiting Lilly from fellow mystery writer Robert J. Ray, author of the Matt Murdock Mysteries.

Robert J. Ray says of Visiting Lilly:

Professional Tarot guru Toni Allen joins the ranks of mystery writers with a debut novel that whisks the reader on a journey in quest of the Astral Plane, where two lovers—a lovely elderly lady in a care home, and an isolated young man who remembers their past—do their utmost best to keep their love alive. Allen’s work is fascinating because she conceals this unlikely search for love beneath the bones of a police procedural. The setting is not hurried, touristy London, but the idyllic outskirts of Surrey. Welcome to the genre!

Robert J. Ray is author of the Murdock Mysteries and The Weekend Novelist Series

Robert J. Ray books on Amazon

The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel

The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery

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New blog post on ToniAllenBooks – Creating a character profile using tarot.

tarot 3 card spread

Whether using tarot for divination, or brainstorming ideas and plot lines for your creative writing, this post will help you understand how the cards blend together to build a character profile.

Have fun joining in, add your own plot line in the comments box.



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New blog post on my sister site ToniAllenBooks

Marseille and Waite Magician

Marseille and Waite Magician

Ever wondered how to use Tarot cards to time when something will happen? Now you can find out in my series of articles Tarot and Timing Events. The second post is all about interpreting The Magician in relation to timing future events.

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My Latest blog post on ToniAllenAuthor

How to build a character profile using Tarot – The Court Cards

You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy my article on the Tarot Court Cards so why not pop over and have a read.

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New article on my sister blog all about how to build a character profile for your short story or novel.

Pop along now and have a read at  ToniAllenBooks

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