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Happy New year!

At the end of 2014 I was interviewed by the highly talented Ally Bishop at www.upgradeyourstory.com on blogtalkradio.

We talk writing and tarot. Have a listen, and not only will you hear my dulcet tones, but also enjoy a few tarot tales and ghost stories.

2015 is going to be a year of change and I’m planning big things, with a new website under way, and loads of interactive events for you to join in with. More podcasts, webinars, and Google hangouts are all planned.

On some of these I’ll be teaching tarot, so if you have specific areas of tarot reading you’d like to learn about, let me know.

Keep up to date with how my new website build is shaping up by following my blog, or chasing after me on social media. Let’s keep in touch in 2015.




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Halloween PosterCome and join the Halloween party at The Old Sergeant in Wandsworth for a fun night out.

I shall be offering Tarot readings and there will also be music. Dressing up is optional, but most people do. What more could you want?

When: Friday 31st October 2014 – from 8pm

Where: The Old Sergeant,104 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4DJ

Put the date in your diary and I’ll see you there.

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New blog post on ToniAllenBooks – Creating a character profile using tarot.

tarot 3 card spread

Whether using tarot for divination, or brainstorming ideas and plot lines for your creative writing, this post will help you understand how the cards blend together to build a character profile.

Have fun joining in, add your own plot line in the comments box.



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New blog post on my sister site ToniAllenBooks

Marseille and Waite Magician

Marseille and Waite Magician

Ever wondered how to use Tarot cards to time when something will happen? Now you can find out in my series of articles Tarot and Timing Events. The second post is all about interpreting The Magician in relation to timing future events.

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Tarot Strength reversed – Tarot card for 27th March 2013 to 20th April 2013

27th March 2013With a multiple conjunction of planets, referred to as a stellium, currently moving through fiery Aries it’s a time of decisive action and instant decisions. Uranus, the planet of sudden radical actions, is in Aries right through until Early 2019, but today, and for the next few weeks, it’s joined by Venus, the Sun and Mars. This is a highly combustible combination. Venus is the planet of desire and in Aries when it wants something, it wants it now! The Sun adds ego intent to all actions and in Aries it prompts bravado and passion. Bring Mars onto the scene as well and it’s all go, go, go.

This isn’t necessarily an aggressive combination, but it can certainly lead to headstrong encounters, conflict and argument. For anyone who was feeling confused while a strong stellium was transiting Pisces during January and February, this is a time for action and blowing all of those cobwebs away.

marseilletarotstrength reversedThe only Tarot Card that could possibly suit the next couple of weeks is The Strength card reversed. Aries is a cardinal fire sign which initiates and strives to encourage others to action. When the Strength Card is upright the lion is tamed and controlled, passions held in check. Not so when the Strength Card is reversed. The lion is let loose and passions allowed to run free. Sometimes this is positive, especially if you’ve been over controlling your natural desires; but at other times it lets out anger, unkind words and the type of unbridled passion we later live to regret. Oh no, I never should have done that! (Oh yes, this includes uncontrolled sexual desire.)

Excess can take over, especially with Venus in Aries that sees it, wants it, and goes out and gets it. Over spending, over exercising, over working…everything can be over the top right now. Mars in Aries often goes at things without thinking, and at a rapid pace, so maybe, just maybe, during the course of the day, when road rage, trolley rage and shear frustration get the better of you, bring the Strength card to mind, and rein in the lion, just a little before things get out of control.

The positive side of this fiery transit is that you’ll be able to do more, and achieve far more in the next few weeks, than you ever thought possible. Take action now, and enjoy every moment.

My two books on tarot are The Sytsem of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot and for anyone over 18 Sex & Tarot Both books are available in many formats and are on iTunes/iBooks, Nook and Kindle.

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