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Today I could do with your help setting the price for my new Tarot book that’s coming out soon, so please vote in my poll at the end of this article. Here’s the story behind the question.

About two years ago I signed a contract with the publishers Collca to write a short tarot book that would be made into an iPhone app. They were meant to publish what was to be called The Essential Tarot Handbook at the end of 2011. They didn’t. By the end of 2012 I was thoroughly fed up with their excuses and took legal advice on what to do next. The upshot was that I informed them they were in breach of contract and had the rights to my work returned to me.

This sorry and frustrating saga has left me with a short book on tarot that runs to just over 10,500 words. In ebook format it will run to around 50/55 pages.

The content was designed to flick through while practising a tarot reading and very much aimed at the beginners’ market. There’s a short general introduction to Tarot and the focus is on practising a three card tarot spread, with examples. The bulk of the book is brief interpretations for all 78 tarot cards, including reverse interpretations, that you can then use while practising a three card Tarot spread.

So now I’m left with a perfectly valid piece of work and am confused as to where to place it and at what price to offer it. I’ve put the prices in $ because this is the currency that Kindle uses and it will give me a better idea as these are popular prices. This Tarot book is ideal for beginners and anyone starting to learn Tarot will find it a very useful working tool.

As well as voting in my poll on pricing I’d really like to hear your comments about which platform you would prefer to find this book on. iBook for your iPhone? Kindle? Nook? Kobo? Giveaway freebie? Smashword? Everywhere!

It’s a hard lesson I’ve learnt that even if you’ve signed a legal contract there’s no guarantee that it will be upheld.

I really appreciate your help with helping me find the right way forward for my “Tarot for Beginners”.

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