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Father ChristmasI don’t know why, but this conundrum crossed my mind earlier today. Which Tarot card does represent Father Christmas? I’m not sure, having never met the man in person, or had the privilege of reading for him. So I’ll have to use deduction and guesswork.

Well, let’s see now.


The King of Cups is the father figure. He’s warm and friendly, good Tarot King of Cupswith children and loves food. That seems like a pretty good start for Santa Claus. Hmm, is he the right card though? The King of Cups tends to show his affection by bestowing lots of quality time and hugs on the people he loves, and isn’t overly keen on showing affection by gifts alone. Sure, he does buy presents, but he’s more likely to bunk off work early to play with his children, then take them out for a bite to eat together, rather than bring home a bag of toys.

Tarot King of CoinsWhat about the King of Coins? Now, he has oodles of cash in his pocket and is fond of showing his affection through the quality of gifts he gives. He likes to show himself in a positive light as the ‘big man’ by treating everyone to high quality goods: and being in charge of arranging celebrations. Of course, he usually advises his secretary of which gifts to go out and buy for which people, but hey, this guy knows how to delegate, so he’ll be really good at keeping his elfish workforce up to speed making all of those toys. (He’ll pay good wages too!)

Now, the King of Batons is a fun loving fellow. He’d definitely be Tarot King of Wandsgood at all that ho-ho-hoing. He’s you’re man if you’re looking for a good party, and lots of laughter. The only trouble is he’s not always terribly well organised. He’s also not so good at sticking to routine and likes a variety of activities at work or he gets bored. Would doing the same job every year suit him? Could he stick with it? Hmm, not sure. But hey, he loves motor sports and is excellent with animals, so he’s my favourite for driving the sleigh and looking after the reindeer.

Tarot King of SwordsI don’t know if I’m even putting the King of Swords in the running for being Father Christmas. The King of Swords is too hard a task master, too much a disciplinarian. He’d be so tough on health and safety I doubt many toys would pass his rigorous testing. The sleigh would never break the speed limit to make those last minute deliveries, and the elves would probably all go on strike, or start a work to rule, if he was their boss. Yet, he would get the job done, because he’d treat it like a military campaign. No child would ever be missed out, and no secret Christmas wish-list posted up the chimney lost.

Oh dear, I’m still not sure who’d make the best Santa. They all have qualities that any decent Father Christmas requires. Pity I can’t roll them all into one. But wait! I can. The Magician has all of these traits and more.

Tarot The Magician MarseilleThat’s it. Decision made. I’m opting for The Magician to be my Father Christmas. He has the ability to pick up any of the energies, and use them in precisely the correct amount when he needs to.
Cups – emotion
Coins – wisdom and wealth
Batons/Wands – fun and laughter
Swords – self-discipline
That’s how he performs magic, by mixing them all together in the right quantity. He never fails and always comes up tops in the end. Guaranteed success, and no unhappy children on Christmas day. No unhappy grown-ups either. 🙂

Which Tarot card would you pick to represent Father Christmas?

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Today my blog tour is stopping off with C.R. Moss. Want to know what the mystery of Visiting Lilly is all about?

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In my interview I talk about why I chose Farnham, Surrey, as a location for Visiting Lilly. You can also read an excerpt in which Frankie Hayward has been warned by people in high places not to talk to Detective Inspector Jake Talbot during his investigation.

‘Mr Hayward.’ He leant forwards. ‘We have a huge dilemma.’

Visiting Lilly is available as an ebook and paperback.

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