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Today we’re looking at how The High Priestess can be used to judge the timing of a future event.

The interpretation is the same for the Marseille Tarot and the Rider Waite Tarot.

Marseille Tarot The High Priestess

In many respects the High Priestess is the last card you want to see drawn when trying to judge the timing of a specific event. Why? Because she is all about the unknown, things that you are currently unaware of, and things that you are not supposed to know about at this point in time. Oh great, that is really most unhelpful.

She may sound like a pretty useless card for timing things, but she has an up-side. In life we are not meant to be forewarned about everything, or always shown the specifics. If we do then the surprise and adventure is taken out of our journey.

The classic case of the High Priestess coming up is when someone asks, “When will I meet that special someone?” The answer, “You’re not supposed to know, at this point in time.” Now that may sound like a truly disappointing answer, but the truth of it is, that if you knew when, and where, and how, that you would act differently and miss the moment. There’s always a right time to meet that special someone, and if we interfere, then we run the risk of upsetting the natural flow of things.

One example of this was a client of mine who related a story to me about what happened to her years before. As a teenager she’d consulted a psychic who told her that she would marry a man with the initial ‘M.’ Now, that is very specific. After a while she met a man named Michael and within a few months had married him…she pushed for the marriage because the psychic had said that she would be extremely happy with ‘M.’ He was supposed to be the love of her life, no less. After two years she divorced Michael, because they fought and really were not compatible. Several years later she met and married a wonderful man, who she’s still with to this day. His name is Mark.

So, let’s put it like this. If she’d turned the High Priestess, who told her she wasn’t supposed to know, then she may not have pursued Michael and become locked in a loveless marriage. She might even have met Mark sooner.

Waite Tarot The High Priestess

People do strange things when they have been convinced by a psychic that they will find love somewhere specific. Which is why we have the High Priestess as a warning that you are not supposed to know the answer.

When reversed the High Priestess means that you do know, but that you don’t realise that you know. For timing an event it’s best to draw another card as a modifier, so that you can work out what it is that you know, but are unaware of. Confused? Most people are when I saythis to them during a reading.

Here’s an example.
A client asked me, “When is the best time to speak with a business colleague about an important issue.”
Up pops the High Priestess reversed, saying, “You know when.”
“No, I don’t,” he replied, “or I wouldn’t be asking.”
He drew a second card which was The Chariot, representing a car, vehicle or journey.
“Ah yes, I remember now,” he said. “We’re travelling to a business meeting together next week.”
“Then that is the time to speak with him,” I replied.
Before taking the second card it hadn’t even occurred to him that this was a prime opportunity to speak with his colleague.

Interpreting the High Priestess with regard to timing is never straightforward, but always deeply fascinating. By asking for the ‘when’ on an event we are trying to push aside her veil, and see into the unknown, before she is ready to share her secrets.

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New blog post on my sister site ToniAllenBooks

Marseille and Waite Magician

Marseille and Waite Magician

Ever wondered how to use Tarot cards to time when something will happen? Now you can find out in my series of articles Tarot and Timing Events. The second post is all about interpreting The Magician in relation to timing future events.

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New blog post on my sister site ToniAllenBooks

Marseille and Waite Fool

Marseille and Waite Fool

Ever wondered how to use Tarot cards to time when something will happen? Now you can find out in my series of articles Tarot and Timing Events. The first post is all about interpreting The Fool in relation to timing future events.

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How to build a character profile using Tarot – The Court Cards

You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy my article on the Tarot Court Cards so why not pop over and have a read.

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Weekly Horoscope 7th May to 13th May 2014

12 zodiac signsWe’re still under the heavy influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross, but most people I’ve spoken to have found this time of change exhilarating and productive rather than destructive. Change can be so positive when we take it in our stride and take the opportunity to clear out things that have been stopping us from making progress and achieving our goals. So this week’s motto is “Pull out the weeds and plant fresh seeds.”

Aries2Aries can find themselves getting pretty het up with their partner, family and work colleagues, yet amidst this wave of frustration everyone is pulling on your team. Family can bring you work and business opportunities, your partner is listening to every word you say and work colleagues are beavering away following your instructions. Communication is the key this week you’re speaking loud and clear.

Taurus2Taurus may be seriously considering changing career, or taking the next step up the career ladder. Home life is good, with conversation revolving around stability versus risk, but the current job is irritating and you know you can achieve so much more. This is a time of laying down foundations ready to step into the unknown. This is a great time to buy property or start a family.

gemini2Gemini will spend this week chattering away, but don’t be fooled, because they are silently slogging away at work. Anyone involved with sports can do extremely well, but team events may bring controversy. Any DIY projects will show excellent results and romance will revolve around eating and, you’ve guessed it, talking.

Cancer2Cancer will be feeling confused. What is it that you want to change? Everything or nothing? Home is good, but you want to move. Romance is good, but you’re feeling restless. Are the children getting the right education? Chat quietly to your friends before making any hasty decisions. Go out and live it up a bit, set aside making a decision until another day and enjoy the good life right where you are.

leo2Leo are pushing for that really big career change. Be patient, it’s on its way. Ploughing all of your energies into work and home will prepare you for future success. Travelling to meet new groups of people and widening your circle of acquaintances will be rewarding, as well as smoochy evenings in with your lover. I have a hunch some of you will be proposing this week.

Virgo2Virgo are in a highly romantic mood, but there may be some unrequited love going on. Making money through communication is strong this week, as well as team gambles, such as playing the lottery. If you’re learning or teaching there are new discoveries to be made, and dining out with friends with be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Libra2Libra are trying to find their niche in life, but right now nothing’s quite clicking. Family will feel stuffy and boring, as if you’ve heard it all before, so best to escape rather than sit there and yawn. Overseas travel will do you good, or learning a new language, foreign culture encouraging you to explore new ways of thinking. There’s a need for different people in your life. Go forth and find them.

Scorpio2Scorpio are renowned for their secretiveness. This week you’re on top of the world, gaining praise from all quarters. But what are you sneakily planning behind the scenes? A new work project by the looks of it; so I suspect secret negotiations for something big. Perhaps you’re planning a surprise party for someone. Romance is extremely good, with you being proud to show off your partner. You’ll be happy to sit back and watch him or her being admired by others, knowing that you’re the lucky person who’ll be taking them home.

Sagittarius2Sagittarius are filling their week with chatter and laughter. Serious stuff is going on behind the scenes and you’re like a duck paddling like crazy. You’d much rather be out than in, so I see you working late to catch up, or leaving work early to go and play. You’re in a flirty mood, so do warn your partner that you’re only playing or they’ll go into a strop, and explaining afterwards could be hard going.

Capricorn2Capricorn have been having it tough and this looks like another serious week with conversations all revolving around work, and friends leaning on your shoulder and moaning. Chores at home irritate, so ignore the housework. Fun is to be had on short journeys with a special someone, drifting from one café to another, eating cake and pretending that nothing else exists.

Aquarius2Aquarius are competing with Gemini for this week’s talking award. No stopping either of you, although apart from holding court at every social gathering Aquarians will also be saying a few softly spoken words to their lover. You may feel as if you’re making mistakes at work, but the truth of it is that you’re going above and beyond the call of duty and you’re efforts will be noticed. Rewards will come as food, wine and chocolate.

pisces2Pisces have been on a roll all year, and although serious people keep challenging you to grow up, those who understand your sensitive nature will adore you. How much romance can you take? Single Pisceans will have so many options that they won’t know who to choose. Any work that feels like play will be exhilarating, and there’s money coming in from the strangest of places. Lucky you!

You can find more articles on Tarot and writing at ToniAllenBook


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New article on my sister blog all about how to build a character profile for your short story or novel.

Pop along now and have a read at  ToniAllenBooks

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Have you ever wondered how tarot can help you as a tool for writing? If you ever suffer from writer’s block using tarot cards to outline a few ideas is a terrific way to kick-start your creative flow. You can generate plot ideas, character profiles, and ask the cards how to improve a story that’s getting a bit sluggish. You don’t need to be suffering from writer’s block to use tarot in this way, simply turn a few cards any time you’re searching for additional inspiration.

3 tarot cardsThe question I can hear you asking is, “Don’t I need to know all about tarot in order to do this?” The answer is no. When using tarot in this way you don’t need to be a competent reader, all you need is a good book, or Google, and you can quickly look up a few brief interpretations. For the purposes of generating story lines these individual meanings will be enough to work with.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with tarot let me outline a few basics.

A tarot deck is divided into two parts, major cards and minor cards.
The 22 major cards represent life’s big issues. Subjects such as births, deaths, shocks, decisions and feeling lost along the way.
The minor cards represent daily events and other people we encounter.
In the minor cards, we also have the court cards, which are people.
When using tarot cards for plot and character it would be best to separate your pack into three sections: major cards, minor cards, and court cards.
The major cards will depict the crisis affecting your protagonist, that main conflict which all good stories require to keep the reader involved. These cards will outline the forward thrust of your story.
The minor cards will depict daily events and how the protagonist goes about dealing with their dilemma, exactly the same as in real life.
The court cards will depict your protagonist and other characters.

When writing some people like to have their character first, while others prefer to have a plot-line and create people to play out the drama. It doesn’t matter which way you prefer, it’s entirely up to the individual, but for this example we’re going to start by looking at plot first and then add our characters.

Firstly take your 22 major cards, shuffle them, spread them out face down and select one card.

Tarot the LoversThis is our protagonist’s dilemma and we’ve chosen The Lovers. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about tarot this card is not about being in love, it’s about standing at the cross-roads of life and having to make a big decision. Which way shall I go? Towards something or away from it? Yes, or no? This gets our story off to a good start. What does our protagonist have to choose between?

To answer this question we’ll take all of the minor cards except the court cards and shuffle them, spread them out face down, and select one card.

Tarot Two of CupsWe’ve chosen the Two of Cups, which just happens to refer to falling in love. So, this is a romantic dilemma after all. Is this plot going to be the protagonist allowing love into their life after years of promising never to fall in love again? Do they have to choose between two people? I’m getting excited about the possibilities in this plot already.

Next take the 16 court cards and shuffle them, spread them out face down and select one card. It’s the same process each time.

Tarot Queen of CoinsWe’ve turned the Queen of Coins. She’s a strong business woman, very practical and hard working. She’s career minded and has a mature outlook on life, so perhaps she’s prioritising her work and doesn’t make time for romance. She’s used to supporting herself financially and isn’t good at asking for help. In fact, people are always asking her for help and guidance, so she isn’t used to being looked after by someone else.

If this is a romantic dilemma, then who has she fallen for that’s creating all of the problems and confusion? To find out who she’s attracted to we’ll need to select a second court card.

Tarot Page of BatonsThis time we’ve turned the Page of Batons. Oh my. This card represents a youngster, so we immediately know that this very capable woman has fallen for a much younger man. Already my mind is bubbling with story ideas. Perhaps she’s 40 and he’s 25. Maybe he’s just starting out on his career and she’s well established in hers. This is bound to create tension and conflict with her friends and family. I can hear them in the background telling her to not be so foolish, and that such a romance is bound to fail. You won’t like the same music. He’ll want to go out every night. How will you keep him satisfied?

From this starting point you can select more cards to start building up scenes, or simply take a card when you’re looking for additional inspiration.

The most important thing is that prior to taking these cards you were stuck and didn’t know what to write about. Now you have a strong writing prompt, some characters to start moving around, and a story-line you can work on.

If you truly hate the scenario you first come up with, don’t panic. Looking at the cards in my example you might well say to yourself, ‘I don’t write romance.’ I could advise you to shuffle the cards again and select some more, but this might divert you into fiddling around and never getting on with any writing. When we suffer from writer’s block we can easily spend time doing everything but writing. Be disciplined and write a short piece, a plot outline, some notes. Spend a few days using tarot to build the story; then have a second go a week or so later.

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