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12 zodiac signsWeekly Horoscope 16th April to 22nd April 2014

We’re right in the middle of a cardinal grand square, which means that we’re all on the cusp of change. It will feel like a major upheaval, but think of it as emptying your wardrobe so that you can fill it with exciting new clothes and step out into the world as someone new. Lots of us will be evaluating the past to see how we can improve our futures. If we can dream it, then we can make it happen. This week’s motto is definitely ‘That which I keep but don’t need holds me back.’

Aries2Aries tug for change is all around relationships. A long term relationship may have been very supportive for work and business, but now it’s time to put it on a different footing. Your desire to be romantic and settle down to a satisfactory home life forces you to readjust your priorities. Can you have work, money and romance? The answer is yes, and these following weeks see you steadily laying down the foundations for a more creative and fulfilling personal life.

Taurus2Taurus have been beavering away in the background, struggling to achieve their dreams. Now sees a shift towards wining and dining with friends and opening up to a more leisurely lifestyle. Whether to travel for work or pleasure is a challenge, so take your partner with you and extend the work trip to have some fun. If single new romantic partners can be encountered during social activities, so snap them up while your confidence is high.

gemini2Gemini have been exploring various work projects for a while now and it’s time to whittle down and prioritise to just one. Sporting activities can be fraught with arguments and disputes, but opportunities for business and pleasure can flood in via social interaction, including online social media. Romance takes place across the dinner table, but remember not to over eat or you’ll be out of sorts for the rest of the evening.

Cancer2Cancer will find themselves overwhelmed by family responsibilities, and some family situations could turn sour and spiteful. Running away is the best answer as travelling around with a chum offers romance and excitement. Exploring history and learning about famous people, perhaps even starting your family tree, are excellent joint activities that can bring you and your loved ones closer together.

leo2Leo doesn’t like feeling stifled and this week rebellion is on the wind. Frustration, leaving work early and driving too fast can all bring a back lash of anger from others. Your best bet is to work from home, keep calm and spend quality time with loved ones. Romantic dreams have you imagining a brighter future with a perfect home and an easy job. Share those dreams with your partner and over the coming months watch them unfold.

Virgo2Virgo money worries and concerns over how other people perceive you have been dragging you down. Meeting up with friends can help set your mind to rest and you’ll be amazed at how supportive others can be. Romantic encounters see you staying up late and talking until the early hours, eating and making promises for the future. Anyone involved in theatre, drama or public presentations can have rave reviews when playing the leading role.

Libra2Libra still don’t know where they’re at with relationships and home life. Who to be with and where to live are pressing questions. A close encounter with someone truly fascinating will add sparkle to your career prospects and could end up as a very special friend. If you’re involved in the creative arts such as photography or media; or at all interested in aromatherapy or spiritual healing this is an excellent time to learn new skills and show others what you already know.

Scorpio2Scorpio’s dramatic shift is towards taking their creativity more seriously. Anything you’ve been involved with purely as a hobby can now become the main focus of your career. Words and the way those words are spoken become especially important, so precision is essential. You’re busy playing and exploring not only different countries and cities, but also more meaningful parts of yourself. Whether in a relationship or single this is an excellent week for romance.

Sagittarius2Sagittarius are restless to find a different platform to perform on in life so that they can take centre stage. Always eager to be out and about, now is a time for sitting at your desk doing all of the hard work involved in generating change. It isn’t boring stuff because a keen eye for detail makes you feel truly involved in current projects. If you have a choice between spending time with hectic people or calm souls, choose the calm, because there’s kindness and love to be found amongst these happy folk.

Capricorn2Capricorn will be feeling the full force of this cardinal square and wondering whether to up sticks, move house and change career completely. Where to live and what to do with your life are the big questions. The past few weeks we’ve seen you pretty isolated, but suddenly friends are in good supply and invitations to all kinds of exciting and interesting events will come your way. Music and laughter abound and romantic words flow easily between you and your partner.

Aquarius2Aquarius are frustrated with the lack of progress in work and career, but light isn’t far away at the end of the tunnel; so a breakthrough is imminent. People are already noticing your warm hearted qualities, so don’t be surprised if you’re approached and offered new opportunities. Anyone working in the health sector, or with complementary medicine, will find themselves steeped with praise from happy patients and clients. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself; and treat yourself to something special.

pisces2Pisces are still having an easy, loved up, romantic time of things. However, the party is taking on a more serious note and people will be requesting that you step up and take charge of group activities and financial issues. This will irritate and frustrate you enormously. Why be responsible for others when life can be so much fun? Find the right balance by helping out just a little and you’ll do just fine.

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Horoscope for the week 2nd April to 8th April 2014

12 zodiac signsThis Wednesday 2nd April Paul Tizzard will be presenting his radio show live from Gatwick Diamond Expo, so he’s asked me to keep this week’s horoscopes to one line. Hence the brevity!

Don’t forget that you can listen to Paul Tizzard on SusyRadio direct from your computer.

With Uranus the planet of sudden change conjunct the Sun in Aries it’s set to be a tumultuous week for many. This feisty conjunction aligns into a T square with Pluto, the great destroyer/transformer in Capricorn opposite Jupiter, abundance, in Cancer. Things may happen this week that rock your world and it won’t matter how hard you try, sometimes structure has to be pulled down so that you can start all over again.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a famous building isn’t destroyed/bombed by some mode of transport.


Aries2Aries A changeable week full of new beginnings, surprises and sudden rewards.


Taurus2Taurus Work is good and there’s a profit to be made, but beware of family secrets being shared in public.


gemini2Gemini Arguments over sporting activities may get heated, but romance is looking good.


Cancer2Cancer Serious group endeavours can go drastically wrong, but travel is fun and any new romance is worth pursuing.


leo2Leo Don’t walk out on the job even though the going gets tough; go home and have some fun with your partner.


Virgo2Virgo Travel plans are likely to go array, but friendships are strong and new businesses prosper.


Libra2Libra Friendships and romance are in total confusion, but work plans are strong and sports can go your way.


Scorpio2Scorpio Unwanted duties are best ignored because there’s fun to be had being on stage, performing and playing.


Sagittarius2Sagittarius You love to teach but this week pupils and children can be extremely annoying, so stick to the grown-ups and sensible conversations.


Capricorn2Capricorn Achieving anything is difficult and sometimes you’ll feel abandoned, so rewrite your CV and look for new friends.


Aquarius2Aquarius Home life is disruptive and makes you cross, but work is productive and group meetings go well.


pisces2Pisces Beware of others being jealous and not playing fairly, ignore their envy and shine, shine, shine.

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