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I have now signed my contract with Booktrope to publish my novel Visiting Lilly.

The next phase in publishing via Booktrope is to build my team, which will include a Book Manager, editor, copy-editor and cover designer.

Being new to the Booktrope publishing process I stared at theVisiting Lilly Cover Image inner sanctum of their website and felt completely overwhelmed. I was advised to make friends and build contacts, which I promptly did. Then to my absolute delight I was approached by someone offering to become my Book Manager and help pull my team together.

I am thrilled to let you all know that I shall be working alongside the very dynamic and professional Mindy Halleck. Out of several books Mindy Halleck was sent to review she opted for Visiting Lilly and is truly passionate about my work.

Rather than daunting the process has now become exciting.





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Weekly Horoscope 25th February to 4th March 2014

12 zodiac signs

This week there’s a lot of pressure on working and getting ahead in life, so we’re going to focus on how each sign can make the most of their leisure and pleasure time. All week Mercury, the planet of communication is playing tricks, so don’t expect talking or committing to new projects to run smoothly. So, it’ll be a pretty confusing week all round. Hence this week’s motto is, “Don’t talk to me, I’m trying to have some fun.”

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Aries star signAries will find anything they’re endeavouring to finalise, whether that be a work project, property deal or romantic commitment, will be fraught with complications. Grab your partner and head for your burrow, watch films and listen to music, and let the words and lyrics composed by others say what’s in your heart.


Taurus birth signTaurus are likely to get serious work projects done and dusted through dogged determination. Renovations, home decoration and cooking all make you irritated and restless, so your best option is to get out and socialise, eat out with friends and spend some time down the gym. If sleep evades you go for a walk, the fresh air will do you good.


Gemini star signGemini can shine at work by roping in others to take the work load, making it easier for you to bunk off early. Gemini love to talk and this week want to talk more than ever, but clever words evade you so you’ll end up waffling. Don’t panic, you’ll still sound convincing! If you’re booking a holiday or planning a trip just make sure you’re going to the correct destination.


Cancer Star signCancer are steeped in a work versus play conflict, and the way through is to make work your play. Enjoy every moment, make friends with your work colleagues, and take part in work social activities. Personal friendships and relationships are fraught with drama, especially if sports are involved where competition runs high. You’ll find more pleasure in quieter activities, so try chilling out with a film and your favourite snacks.


Leo star signLeo won’t feel much like working at all…it’s all so boring, difficult and time consuming! Travel is your main pleasure this week, and lots of it, especially when journeys are taken with friends and family. Children will be fun, especially if you’re teaching them new skills, and anyone involved in the theatre or having to appear on stage/give presentations will shine.


Virgo star signVirgo will find any work environment noisy and irritating this week, plus travel will also get on your nerves, so if you can take work home it’ll stave off that headache. You’re still feeling very romantic and eager to spend time with close friends and loved ones. If you have children encourage them to stay over at a friend’s and spend a quiet evening in with your partner.


Libra star signLibra are in the middle of change. You’re breaking some friendships and filling the gaps with exciting new people, who truly understand you. Any form of public speaking, or serious conversation will require notes, or you’ll lose the thread halfway through. Creative play is your greatest pleasure, especially in the visual arts, so pick up a camera, decorate a cake or paint a picture. If you want to build or make anything, this is the time to do it.


Scorpio star signScorpio want to play, play, play all week. Serious work appears to be completely out of the question. Buying or selling property creates headaches, but home decorating is fun. Your hobbies and non-money making ventures can all bring success, especially if you sing, play music, paint, take photos or enjoy carpentry or pottery. So set work aside and off you go, get creative.


Sagittarius star signSagittarius don’t feel much like working either, and what little you do will take place behind the scenes. Boring! Even with Mercury playing tricks you’re a veritable wordsmith this week, writing, composing and maybe even learning a foreign language. Eating out and frivolous chatter suit your mood, so have lots of working lunches, at least it’ll look like you’re doing something!


Capricorn star signsCapricorn will feel like they’re slaving away and achieving nothing. There’s a sense that nobody is listening to you right now, so spend time in the gym and then have some friends round for dinner. Watch and listen, laugh and play some music, because, quite frankly, you’re not going to make much sense out of anything this week, so best to switch off for a while.


Aquarius star signAquarius will get frustrated around the home because they’re putting huge efforts into getting ahead at work and constant interruptions irritate. Working in partnership can be useful as well as taking the lead in any formal group. If they need a team leader, go for it. Fun comes through food, diet and exploring healthy living. I see some experimental cooking taking place, and I bet it tastes delicious.


Pisces star signPisces are still bouncing around in fantasy land, but this week all of that imagination is being put to good use, in groups, teams and at work. You won’t feel like listening to anyone else, and are comfortably sitting centre stage, admirers all around. You’ll be shining really bright in the creative arts, psychic or spiritual work, all forms of healing, and playing with children.

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I have a contract to publish my novel Visiting Lilly!

I am so thrilled to share the exciting news that Booktrope have offered me a contract to publish my novel Visiting Lilly.

Booktrope is an online publisher that has formulated a collaborative process to bring their books to market. Once I have signed my contract I will be invited to build a team, which will include, amongst others, an editor, a cover artist and a marketing manager. Each individual is paid a percentage of sales revenue after costs.

Visiting Lilly Cover ImageThis is a mock up cover I generated for Visiting Lilly. With my Booktrope team I will get a cover designer, so I doubt this is the image we’ll run with. If you love this cover and think it has to stay, let me know.

I first pitched Visiting Lilly to Booktrope about 18 months ago. Yes, these things take a long time! As I recall I saw an article about them in a writing newsletter and followed through to their website. At the time they were actively seeking submissions, but all they wanted was a brief synopsis. I posted my 386 word synopsis in the appropriate box on their website…and… the site timed out, so I rewrote the synopsis…not having drafted it to start with, of course…and then pressed send. The irony of this is that I usually stress about writing a synopsis, but the space they gave me to write into was so limited I was forced to cut the story down to its bare bones. The fact that after an hour their website got fed up with me loitering, and the fact that I hadn’t saved what I’d typed, made me cut it down even more. There’s a lesson to be learnt here.

I often wondered what happened to my synopsis and whether anyone had read it, but shortly before Christmas 2013 Booktrope emailed and asked if I’d still be interested in submitting Visiting Lilly to their review panel for consideration. Having pitched Visiting Lilly to several agents and received rejections I said yes to their offer. I never expected them to give any feedback, but what did go through my mind is, ‘Here is someone, or more than one person, who will read my entire manuscript, not just the first three chapters. They will judge the story as a whole.’ On that basis it had to be worth a go.

Booktrope’s review panel were impressed enough to offer me a contract to publish with them, so now the process of preparing my novel for publication begins.

Visiting Lilly is a mystery thriller and love story…with a twist.

Twenty Seven year old Frankie wants to visit an old woman, Lilly, who lives in an old people’s home. No crime in that, now is there? Only Lilly’s relatives are more than a little against the idea, so D.I. Jake Talbot decides to poke his nose in and investigate what their problem is. A nice easy case leading up to Christmas…which ends up threatening his job, his integrity and his sanity.

A couple of years ago I entered the first chapter of Visiting Lilly into the Winchester Writers’ Conference competition for the beginning of murder mystery novel. I received Highly Commended and this is what the judge had to say. (In case you’re wondering all entrants  had to use a pseudonym)

Lilly WinchesterNow everyone will be able to read the entire story of Visiting Lilly; but meanwhile follow a different story as I keep you posted on how the process goes from acceptance to publication.

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Weekly Horoscope 19th February to 25th February 2014

12 zodiac signsFollowing on from Valentine’s Day astrologically there’s still a lot of romance in the air, so this week I thought it would be fun to look at how each sign can create a positive work/life balance. This week’s theme is ‘Let’s finish work early and go out to play.’ (In all honesty I don’t think much work’s getting done this week!)

Aries star signAries are on a high rounding off work projects and finalising business deals. There are new job opportunities on offer, and plenty of scope for generating more income. Their main dilemma is whether to socialise and be sporty with friends or spend quality time with your partner. Lots of time for both if you pop into the gym straight after work, and meet up with the love of your life afterwards.

Taurus birth signTaurus are particularly work focused at the moment, with a great desire to push ahead, which mostly involves dealing with lots of people. There’s promotion and security to be had from networking, but also a temptation to take additional work, and business colleagues, home. Leisure and pleasure has to be taken in the great outdoors, so jump in the car and off you go.

Gemini star signGemini are a bit bogged down with work, with lots of communication whizzing around and probably business trips too. It’s not all bad as there are some lovely people to meet through work, join for lunch or have coffee with. Socialising will focus around the home or with neighbours and close friends, simply sitting around and putting the world to rights.

Cancer Star signCancer will be working hard and making some solid financial investments, probably in labour saving devices, especially technology. Romance is in the air and I see you eager to leave work to catch up with your lover. Friends might wonder where you’ve disappeared to, so remember to let them know you’ll be unavailable.

Leo star signLeo are dreaming of far flung places and foreign holidays, but there’s work to be done first. Plan that trip now; it’ll make you feel better. Investing and maintaining property is uppermost in your mind, as well as career changes; so chatting with your partner is all about future happiness and success. Sunday’s the best day to down tools and take a drive, escape and forget all about the serious side of life.

Virgo star signVirgo are going through a long term romantic phase, with lots of new and exciting friends to be made over the next few years as well. It’s knuckling under to the work that appears to be the problem! Some of you will take work home to be closer to your loved ones, while others will work from laptops, tablets and phones on the go, so that you can switch off as soon as you’re home.

Libra star signLibra are feeling a bit tongue tied in romance this week and keep avoiding intimate relationships and escaping into work. Money worries appear to be part of the problem, but love is free so invite some friends round for dinner and simply enjoy food and good company. Creative projects flow, your imagination is overflowing, so get those ideas down while they’re fresh and exciting.

Scorpio star signScorpio are feeling really playful, and dare we call anything work because to you it’s all fun, fun, fun. The theatre, cinema and reading novels will all appeal, perhaps even reading poetry to your lover, because everything you do this week will be as a couple. If you’re single then you’ll spend lots of time with your friends, but don’t be surprised if someone special appears when you least expected it.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are busy working behind the scenes on big projects, and writing reports may take up much of your working day. You’ll be champing at the bit to leave work, jump in the car and go for a drive or long walk. Exercise will be fun, but then it’s time to slow down and sit with your partner or friends and talk until sunrise. A really laid back and mellow week.

Capricorn star signsCapricorn are frustrated with work. Usually dedicated the interested has temporarily waned and you want to get out and explore new forms of entertainment. Music is a must this week, and if you can’t get out to see a band then go out to karaoke or invite some friends round to watch a music DVD. Turn the volume up loud and if the neighbours complain invite them round to join in.

Aquarius star signAquarius are busy, busy, busy this week, but mostly with chatter and sharing ideas. Even people in important work roles will find fun in their job as everything runs smoothly and everyone has something positive to say rather than moaning. Team efforts appeal to Aquarians and any project that includes you and someone else will be successful.

Pisces star signPisces are dreaming and playing, the real world and the idea of work and commitment irritating. You’ll fulfil any duties required, then phone friends for a catch up, and go back to fantasy land. Movies and music are your lovers this week, anyone not on the silver screen, games consul or pages of that novel had best snap their fingers to gain your attention.

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Weekly Hosroscope 12th February to 18th February 2014-Valentine’s Day Special

12 zodiac signs

Astrology for Valentine’s Day 14th February 2014

Astrological Valentine's Day Heart

As this week includes Valentine’s Day I thought I’d focus on that one special day and help each star sign get lucky in love. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday so there’s lots of opportunity for getting together with the man or woman of your dreams, going out for a romantic dinner and hopefully continuing that loving romantic theme into the weekend. This week’s motto is ‘Get Lucky in Love.’

Aries star signAries have two options as to how to play Valentine’s Day. A romantic dinner at home, or taking that special person along to socialise with your friends. The home dining is likely to result in work chat and become tedious, while showing off in front of your friends and letting your humour shine through certainly wins the day.

Taurus birth signTaurus will probably have to rush around finishing work until late, but you can still have fun by inviting that’s special someone to join you for some late evening fast food, and a drink in the pub afterwards. Taureans love to give presents on special occasions, so shop early and choose exactly the right gift which will be meaningful and treasured.

Gemini star signGemini are full of bravado. You can’t help but win that special someone’s heart. Taking your lover somewhere playful, the swings or the funfair, and then onto some exotic fine dining really works wonders. This is a night for just the two of you, so don’t involve your friends, because when you go back for coffee I can see the lights turned down low.

Cancer Star signCancer love eating at home, but this is a night for going out to a special restaurant, somewhere with a spectacular view across the city-scape, a river or the sea. Authentic cuisine with a foreign flavour if favourable, and if you’re feeling really generous fly overseas and eat on a warm beach.

Leo star signLeo love romance but if you don’t stop working it’s never going to happen! Really good food cooked and served at home is your best bet, or splash out and get the caterers in. You might be inclined to give your lover a practical gift, but think twice, they’d much prefer something completely frivolous…and you.

Virgo star signVirgo have it all to play for. If you’re single this is a great time to accept social invitations because that special someone is right around the corner. You may feel a little shy but your witty conversation wins through and romance blossoms. People in relationship will charm their lover with their culinary skills and practical abilities.

Libra star signLibra’s tactic is to take their lover out, along with another couple, to a very expensive restaurant and be so generous it will make your lover tingle from top to toe. Wine, good food, good company, fun and laughter, everyone will feel on top of the world. This will be a late night because nobody wants the evening to end.

Scorpio star signScorpio have been working hard recently and part of your romantic charm will be sharing the results of your labours with your lover. They will be impressed! Romantic intensity is high, with lots of deep and meaningful conversation, some terrific food and an exchange of meaningful love tokens. If you can get off work early a drive or walk in the country goes down well too.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius will have to be prised away from work commitments, then it’s a mixture of food at home, out and about for some fun and back home for more chat and laughter. Romance isn’t easy right now, you appear to have options, so don’t get too het up and go with the flow. Enjoy the adventure.

Capricorn star signsCapricorn are full of chatter and definitely do not want to stay at home. Friends plus that special someone will make a fantastic mix. You’ll enjoy showing everyone how proud you are of your partner and they by turn will treat you to something special, but you’ll only be able to keep it in your heart, so it’s something like a spectacular view. That view will become your special place forever.

Aquarius star signAquarius will be enjoying food, food and more food. It’s all wonderfully over the top, the two of you chatting away for hours and wandering around restlessly eating while talking. There’s a serious side too as plans are being made for the future, so the evening is full of promise. A lot of Aquarians shy away from marriage, but some could well be proposing.

Pisces star signPisces will want to go out and have a meal with their lover, then return home and watch a movie together, something fast paced and exciting. There’s so much talking going on that you might not follow the plot, but that doesn’t matter, you’re snuggling up, eating snacks and putting the world to rights. That’s really quite romantic.

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the author Y. Correa and her latest novel MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis.

Cover Image

The year 1585. The Anglo-Spanish War. England’s greed for Spain’s crops, land, and supplies gives birth to the inertia of intolerance on both sides. Yet, even then, Love surges forth.
MarcoAntonio, a Spanish gentleman and knight, defied all boundaries of color and culture, when setting eyes on the English lady Amaryllis. Although to others, he may be a bit reserved, he dares to lower his defenses solely for her.
Amaryllis is an English lady. One with an open heart, gentle spirit, and shining eloquence. She knew that she should not desire MarcoAntonio. Still, a love feeling so right couldn’t be so horribly wrong!
Travel with MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis as they duel with internal and external forces threatening to tear their powerful love apart. In the midst of troubles the likes of which have no compare, MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis find themselves having to fight the most unexpected of adversaries, just for the right to love each other.
Discover why their LOVE is the result of ALL things conquered!

Here’s an excerpt from the novel.


Her need for sleep was conquered by the potency of her thoughts, and the ceaseless fear that she always lugged around like a plague.
She heard some movement in the bushes. A stirring.
That was odd. What would be lingering about at this time of night? “Ah,” she thought aloud with a small curl of the lips. “Tis a hare or something of the sort. I’m sure.” She stepped out of her seat and walked over to the edge of the balcony to peer over expecting to see the lovely little animal that would most likely pop out from behind the bushes at any second.
She leaned on the ledge and placed her elbows over it, and then instinctively placed her chin upon her hands. She looked out at the greenery, which was lit only by the moonlight and stars, and watched with hopefulness. “Finally, something to take my mind off the troubles!” she thought with a wishful sigh.
She was startled by the sound of his voice. “I was unable to sleep well, Ma’ Lady.” Her breath ceased for the briefest of moments.
“MarcoAntonio! What are you doing here? If they catch you….” She couldn’t bear to finish her thought.
“Forgive me, Ma’ Lady,” he apologized quietly, and then quickly and humbly lowered his eye sight for a moment. “I had to see you again.” He raised his eyes to her once more. “Our time together earlier tonight was not enough to fulfill my need of seeing you. At second thought, no time available to man is enough to fulfill my need to see you.” He halfway smiled, gently.
“Please, my love. You have to go. I don’t know what I would do if they catch you here. Please? For me?” she pleaded.
“Ma’ Lady, I will leave. Very soon. I just had to see you once more, if only for a moment.” He turned his head behind him for a split second. “I’ve tied Altivo back there, so that they would not hear him. I’m being safe,” he promised. “Now I plead with you, just allow me a few more moments of your time before I leave.”
With worry obvious in her voice, yet the everlasting love that perforated her soul apparent as well, she responded, “Very well.”
For the first time ever, MarcoAntonio gathered the courage necessary and approached the building closer than he’d ever done before. “Ma’ Lady Amaryllis, you should know by now that your soul existence is what gives my own existence purpose. I love you more than words can express. You do know this, do you not?”
“Yes brave sir, I am well aware. Just as you should be aware that I feel the same way,” she said attempting to sound calm, yet her body language spoke volumes as to how fearful she was by the fact that he’d approached the building so closely.
“Then Ma’ Lady, I only ask one thing….” he said as he walked closer.
“Marco, please? Stay back!”
“Just one thing….” he repeated.
This time making her fear the most predominant emotion displayed, she blurted out, “Yes. Yes! Very well then. Ask!”

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Meet the author Y Correa
Y Author ImageY. Correa is a proud Hispanic-American mother of four, daughter, teacher, mentor, author and advocate, among other things. Early on in life Y knew how to multitask and juggle a million and one things. To this day he still doesn’t know how she does it.
About 3 years ago, Y embarked on the adventure of her life: she opted to write a book. Though a late bloomer, the task came to her naturally, as if it were something that was hidden in her all of that time. Today, Y has published several short stories and a hand full of full length novels and still has many works in progress.
Apart from writing, Y realized that there was a need for a strong support group that would unite all authors, of all walks of life. Quickly she realized that life in this industry was difficult and that there was lots of segregation within the literary ranks.
Just as quickly she decided that she’d make it her mission to change that. Thus the Self-Published/Indie Authors Support Group was born. Through time Y realized that the fight she’d embarked on was rather one sided: traditionally published authors needed advocating and support too. With that, the All Authors Support Group was born. Like bees to honey, authors from all walks of life came.
From the All Authors Support Group, the All Authors Blog Blitz was born, and like an avalanche, in a series of unexpected events the All Authors Magazine was born.
Today however, Y would like to present to you the launch of her newest full length novel “MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis”

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