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Weekly Horoscope 22nd January to 28th January 2014

12 zodiac signsBoth Venus and Jupiter are retrograde all week so it’s a time of drawing things to us rather than giving out. This can make us insular and introverted, highly ambitious and sometimes greedy, so this week’s motto is ‘Take what we need, and leave some for others.’

Aries star signAries are focused on building their reputations in all areas of life; work, sports and social. Ambition runs high and many new contacts can be made; often creating conflict in the work versus home-life dynamic. Loved ones don’t want to hear that you’re doing it all for them, so take time out at the weekend.

Taurus birth signTaurus will be asked to take on tasks that go against their principles, some will resist, some will get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Take time to discuss what is important in life with people you trust, and lose yourself in a movie or long country walk.

Gemini star signGemini is thinking about money…a lot! Now is the time to improve finances by doing less work for more money. It’s a plan, and a good one, easing up more time for travel and hobbies. A spontaneous journey brings exciting new people into your life.

Cancer Star signCancer is looking for career change, and house moves, but your partner isn’t keen to make such drastic changes. You’ll do it anyway, and make wise decisions. Appease those affected by the fallout with quality time and offers of treats in the future.

Leo star signLeo are working hard, and happily showing off your ideas and roping everyone else into your master plan. Others will be swept away by your grand ideas and eager to help. Use your power of persuasion wisely. If single it’s a great time to ask that special someone out on a date.

Virgo star signVirgo wants to play and be creative in all kinds of ways, so if anyone says it isn’t a good time to buy a house, start a business, get married or have a child, you’ll sulk. Win them over with logic and financial projections. Sheer determination sees you through. Great time for anyone involved in sports.

Libra star signLibra are going through a phase of reinvention, starting with de-cluttering the home. Throw it? Keep it? Being a Libran you might as well toss a coin. Fun comes in the simple delight of coffee and conversation, and looking at other people’s homes gives you inspiration for your own.

Scorpio star signScorpio are feeling like it’s all hard work right now, but results are beginning to show. Confiding in trusted friends, sharing a meal with work colleagues and planning exciting trips in the future will all help you stay steadily on course. Breakthrough and success are on the horizon.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius is philosophising about who you are in relation to everyone else. Joining new group activities and long chats with established friends bring new perspectives in life, new ways of thinking and opportunities for change. Team sports can bring success.

Capricorn star signsCapricorn are reassessing the property they live in and hunting for change. If you feel your voice is unheard speak firmly and just a little bit louder. Taking on other people’s problems will help you forget your own, and Saturday brings heartfelt conversations with loved ones.

Aquarius star signAquarius are looking to break away and create a freer life. Now is a time of struggle and internal conflict, with many important decisions to be made. Long walks with a friend, walking and talking will help clarify strategy. Never forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Pisces star signPisces are busy avoiding group tensions by escaping into your own fantasy world of books, music and movies. Right now you don’t want to be bothered by the important issues in life, or discuss them with friends, so keep chatter light hearted to avoid confusion.

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