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Quill imageOut of the blue I’ve just heard from a new online publisher I pitched my novel Visiting Lilly to many months ago. They’ve requested the entire manuscript which will go before a review board, and hopefully on to full submission.

I’m absolutely chuffed.

Visiting Lilly crosses several genres and that has been one of the biggest issues in securing an agent or publisher. I believe it’s a romance, but it also has a police detective/mystery and elements of weird science. See my problem? It doesn’t fit into a nice neat category box.

Hence I’m thrilled that someone has invited me to send the entire manuscript and is willing to read it through.

I’m sure I won’t hear any news for a while, I know these things take time. So wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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Truthful Takes on Being Richard | The Review Board.

10 star review for Being Richard!

Absolutely thrilled to receive such a positive review for my paranormal thriller Being Richard.

Being Richard by Toni Allen

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