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Weekly Horoscope 13th November to 19th November 2013

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12 zodiac signsIf you enjoy serious conversations then this will be a relaxing week, if not, then you may find others wanting to be deep and meaningful about anything and everything hard to take. The overall theme this week is one of hard work appearing to turn to dust, so many of you will be rethinking your life goals. Worrying about what others have got, and what you think they’ve achieved compared to yourself, will cause frustration, so this week’s motto is don’t let envy get in the way of success.

Aries star signAries have been working so hard that it’s now make-or-break time. Obstacles can be overcome, so keep pushing forwards. Friends and lovers offer easy companionship, but ensure you book that special restaurant table well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Taurus birth signTaurus may find themselves fretting over finances. Not a good time to invest in anyone but yourself and those closest to you. If you’re making wedding plans, or organising a big party, think twice before inviting absolutely everyone. A quiet dinner with your partner, or best friend, will help you relax.

Gemini star signGemini are busy overhauling their friendship list, and having heart to hearts to clear the air. Work is on a high with new jobs and contracts up for the taking. For singles intense conversations lay down possibilities for new romantic attachments, while secure couples focus on improving their relationships.

Cancer Star signCancer are happy ploughing all of their efforts into home and family. Some family members you might feel like relegating to the shed, out of sight and out of mind, but others you will embrace. Impromptu get togethers, fun, and overspending on delicious food to serve your guests, will make your week sing.

Leo star signLeo are feeling undervalued and underpaid at work, but rally by taking advice from close friends. A desire to move home is under discussion, and if you can’t afford to it’ll be redecoration. Romance takes a serious turn for single Leos who will be preparing to propose to their loved one and discuss moving in together.

Virgo star signVirgo will find most personal relationships tough going this week, with the home feeling like a battle-field. Work will offer escape, as well as clubs and societies, where you will feel truly respected and not taken for granted. You’ll have more fun being out with your friends, or taking to the hills on your own.

Libra star signLibra will be riddled with feelings of failure and constantly comparing themselves to others. Envy and jealousy can rear their heads, but there’s comfort to be had in pure escapism and getting away from your normal environment. Take a foreign trip, go for a pamper day, or talk to strangers, connect with new people and you’ll discover how much you truly have achieved

Scorpio star signScorpio have been digging deep and mining resources, laying down prosperity for the future. You may find others envious of your success, so don’t let them upset you. Sporting activity is highlighted this week, and if you’re considering going self-employed this is the time to do it.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius are working hard behind the scenes, and may feel their efforts are currently unnoticed. Remember that all creativity takes time. Quiet conversations with friends will give opportunities to shine, and making plans for holidays and attending events will give you something to look forwards to.

Capricorn star signsCapricorn are overworking, so remember to take your breaks. Friends will be relying on you for support, but be careful about offering too much, regardless of how much you care for someone. Changes are slowly occurring in your public profile, so be prepared for unexpected adoration.

Aquarius star signAquarius are looking at new ways of bringing in money, which will entail lots of planning. Intense conversations with friends bring lots of ideas, so make sure you write them down. Not much time for romance, so you’ll be staying up late to make sure you find time for everyone and everything. Don’t forget to sleep!

Pisces star signPisces, Pisces, aren’t you the lucky ones with so much fun to be had, and so many opportunities for prosperity and happiness. You won’t understand when others envy your good fortune, so will retaliate with firm words, and quickly decide that some people simply aren’t worth talking to. Good on you!

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