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Being a writer is never easy – or – what is going on with KDP accounts department?


Ok, so we all know that being a writer is never easy. Around working full time I write; both for the personal pleasure of writing; and with my tarot books the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with other people. Like so many other writers these days I Indie Publish. That’s all well and dandy, but as many of you are aware Indie Publishing entails a lot of hard work. First off, creating the written work. Next, formatting the book and designing a cover. Lastly, working on publicity. It’s a tough old trek but it needs to be done.

I sense many of you nodding in agreement, sighing and applauding, because you too Indie Publish, so you completely understand the hard work involved.

Again, this is the path we take, and this is what we expect in order to achieve some modicum of success. We don’t necessarily expect to make millions, but, as with every work project in life…it is nice to get paid.

I live in the UK, so the payment problem all people Indie Publishing in the UK encounter is the IRS. Yep, the tax man. Only the IRS is the US tax man, not the UK tax man. In order not to fall fowl of the IRS one has to go and get an ITIN, an International Taxpayer Identification Number. In order to obtain one of these I had to fill out a W-7 form and go to a notary and pay to have him stamp the document and legally state who I am. I first obtained my ITIN back in 2007.

So, now I have my ITIN, my most important magic number.

The next step is to fill out the form W-8BEN for each company I publish with in the US, which is a legal declaration stating that I do not reside in the US; and for this document they need to know my ITIN. This is brilliant, and means that now that the company has my W-8BEN on file they do not have to withhold tax in the US and I can pay tax in my own country. Yippee!

Not so fast. This is all well and good until the company I Indie Publish with loses it!

First Lulu had a shuffle around with their website and I received an email stating that they would be withholding tax. Hang on guys. I sent you my completed W-8BEN back in 2007 and you haven’t been withholding tax since then, so why now? Okay, so you can’t find it on record. So why haven’t you been withholding tax? It’s no good, you cannot argue with the IRS, you just have to swallow it down and fill the form out again. Sorted.

Next Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP, took a turn in flagging up a lack of W-8BEN. They emailed me. I emailed back stating that up until this point they hadn’t been withholding tax because I’d sent in my W-8BEN a few years back. Tough, you can’t argue with the IRS; if Amazon KDP accounts department say they don’t have it, then you just have to fill out another one and send it off to the US. I did what they wanted. After a few weeks I received an email saying I hadn’t ticked a box. For goodness sake, it’s only a box repeating the same stuff that I’d already said! Just tick it. No, we are acting on behalf of the IRS and we cannot do that, please fill out a completed W-8BEN. I swallowed down ever harder. I sent a new one off.

A few weeks later I received a confirmation email that they had received my completed W-8BEN and that it was in order, and that they would stop withholding tax. Terrific!

Now, if you also happen to publish through KDP you’ll note how difficult it is track your sales against when you get paid as the payments are all in arrears. Checking it all through is like walking in treacle. Okay, so I continued to receive payments, but I didn’t receive any lump sum as a payment for the withheld tax. I tried to put my clever mathematician’s hat on, but, like I said, I work and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing complicated sums at the end of a busy day.

I have an email on file confirming their receipt of the dreaded W-8BEN so you can imagine my horror this morning when I went across to KDP to check on sales only to have a giant red mark against my account saying, “If you do not fill out your tax form immediately your account will be closed and you will be banned from publishing with KDP,” or words to that effect. Shock! I nearly choked on my morning cuppa!

I clicked the link and KDP walked me through a series of questions that began to sound very familiar. Do I reside in the US? Do I own any business in the US? Do I have an ITIN? Would I give permission to electronically sign my document? Okay, okay, I agree, sign whatever this is for me. Right at the end my heart sank. The completed form was the now hated W-8BEN. Unbelievable!!!

This isn’t an IRS issue, this is an Amazon issue. Their accounts department obviously don’t know who is doing what. I send it in and one department records it. The next team of people can’t locate it. I send in a new one, they file it…but they obviously didn’t process it against my account. It’s not that you can’t argue with the IRS, it’s that you can’t argue with Amazon.

Being a writer is never easy, especially when publishing with KDP. Not only do you have the writing, formatting, cover and publicity to deal with, you also have Amazon’s inept accounts department taking up your time by making you fill out and send in the same form over, and over, again…before you can get paid in full.

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12 zodiac signsWeekly Horoscope 28th August to 3rd September 2013

The Grand trine through the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces has now shifted and is between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and the asteroid Chiron in Pisces. Although trines are generally positive the inclusion of Chiron can make it challenging, as Chiron is all about healing old hurts, the hurts we carry in life and having old wounds opened up. In the sign of Pisces these are very much emotional hurts. With Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio being the other two angles many of the issues opened up will be connected to family and home. Examples are things like older people sorting out issues around elderly relatives and their long term care, and for younger people making decisions about buying homes and starting families.

Aries star signAries could well be looking to purchase property or invest money into home improvements and decorating. Personal relationships are challenging and a friendship may be wounded beyond repair. Power plays at work can bring positive new initiatives and future success, especially for managers and the self-employed. Play and travel see you happiest, so take off down to the beach and build some sandcastles.

Taurus birth signTaureans will be on top form this week in any type of communication, whether written or spoken. Mostly family matters can be resolved with firm debate, but one person irritates you enormously, so keep calm and carry on. Anyone on a spiritual or artistic path will find that retreat and silence bring the best rewards, although intellectual debate also opens the door to new understanding of how best to express your personal creativity.

Gemini star signGeminis are on top form when it comes to public speaking, fund raising, and any kind of performance. Change is in the air and you’ll be showing off to new friends and considering alternative employment or career changes.  It’s an excellent time to rewrite your C.V. and show people what your worth. Romance is fun but be careful not to be over generous with your partner, the gift you give now might cost you a lot later.

Cancer Star signWith lovely Jupiter, the planet of abundance in your sign, Cancerians will be keen on all things connected to the home, including new furnishing and fittings. Pluto opposing from Capricorn makes excellent angles this week suggesting that anyone going through a divorce or separation can begin to settle matters and start to make a fresh start. The spirit of freedom is calling and for all Cancerians life will soon start to ease up. Relaxing with long standing friends helps you review and accept all that you have achieved so far.

Leo star signLeos are recognised for being proud and this week you stand firm, fight your corner and prove that you’re not all talk. Excellent results can be achieved in both work and play. Be careful during any robust contact sports where any nasty knocks may result in injury. Luck is on your side and this week anything that seems to be a misfortune can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, especially around chance encounters. It’s one of those, ‘If my car hadn’t broken down I’d never have met you,’ moments.

Virgo star signVirgos can do exceptionally well at work this week, gaining praise and recognition. Study, education and teaching also bring excellent results. Social groups can be challenging with others failing to recognise how important you are in the scheme of things, but take heart, there are many interesting new people around. Not a good week for any kind of large scale investment, wait awhile and look at all options first.

Libra star signLibrans can feel pretty muddled this week as although their ruling planet Venus is in their sign it’s weakly aspected and creating confusion. Strength comes from being grown up, especially where romance is concerned. There are new romantic opportunities, but right now it’s at the flirting stage. Work will be aggravating, and seem unusually pointless. Architecture, buildings and intellectual conversation, are pleasurable; especially if going round a museum or ancient monument, so take time out to visit a place of interest.

Scorpio star signSaturn is still in Scorpio so you’ll feel like you’re treading water. Plan exciting trips in the future, give yourself something to look forwards to. At home you’ll feel like you’re the only one being sensible and at work you’ll wonder if all the effort is worth it; but there’s more responsibility being offered that can result in greater fulfilment in the future. Your dilemma is whether to take on even more now, or run away. This week’s relaxation comes from escapist books, films and walks in the countryside.

Sagittarius star signSagittarians don’t like being chained down and this week they’ll feel burdened by responsibility, especially when it comes to looking after other people, whether that be in work, home or socially. Creativity and imagination is high so escape in your mind, listen to music and get down to that artistic project you’ve been putting off for ages. Always one for the great outdoors this isn’t a week to sit inside as you’ll feel too restless, so take plenty of exercise and phone your friends while walking.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns can gain recognition and advancement at work this week, but make sure you push for adequate rewards. Partners may gripe and feel left out, so include them as much as possible. A great time for off-beat travel and exploring wild places. Anyone exploring spiritual pursuits will have breakthroughs that have deep meaning for them, which gives reassurance they are on the right path.

Aquarius star signAquarians will be torn between spending time with their romantic partner or their friends this week, so make sure you give them equal turns. Questions around who you are and what you want to do with your life make you reconsider all parts of your life, including career and where you live. It’s a good time to put down roots and look to adjusting your work/home balance. Exercise is a must this week to burn off all that pent up frustration.

Pisces star signPisces, your ruler Neptune is still in your sign making aspects that make you feel more dreamy than grounded. You don’t want to be loved as a somebody, you just want to be loved for who you are, and this brings about fundamental changes to many of your relationships/friendships. People will admire the positive changes you’re making, which will include throwing away things you don’t need and buying different types of clothes to wear. You’re like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

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12 zodiac signsWeekly Horoscope 21st August to 27th August 2013

Last Friday August 16th I had the pleasure of talking to the Yateley branch of The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums. My topic for the evening was ‘Tarot, how it can be used for mediumship,’ and I had the most wonderful audience. I’ve talked to Yateley ISM before and it was lovely to be greeted so warmly by people I now consider my friends.

I started by talking about my personal experiences of psychic phenomena, including readings in which we have invoked spirit and received messages from departed loved ones. After our tea break I offered practical demonstration where anyone who wanted to have a brief 3 card reading could come forwards. The messages given were all very enlightening and we had some good laughs too, with one or two people saying, ‘I was only talking about that in the break!’

If you live within easy reach of Yateley and you’re on a spiritual path and looking for people to connect with then you couldn’t find a friendlier group to join in with. Click through the link and you’ll see this year’s list of speakers.


There’s no radio again this week as Paul Tizzard, the show’s presenter, is still on holiday. Lucky Paul! But, we don’t need radio to bring you you’re weekly horoscope so that you can see what lies ahead.

 Weekly Horoscope 21st August to 27th August 2013

The grand trine between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter is still in alignment across Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer continuing the theme of elders and responsibility. This week sees the addition of a cardinal grand square in play between Venus in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer. This really muddies the waters for all star signs as cardinal grand squares push for action, so are very good at starting things, but without back-up from other planets find it difficult to see things through. Hence the beginning of the week sees most signs feeling sluggish, even though they are bursting for action. On the 27th August the grand trine goes out of exact alignment, Mercury goes into trine with Pluto and at long last, options can be analysed and a game plan for action decided upon. Phew!

Aries star signAries are in for a romantic week ahead although you will be confused about what you truly want. Do you want a permanent relationship or something less committed that’s all about fun? You may well come down on the side of commitment as long as you can retain a lot of freedom. Group finances, especially family funds, are being adjusted to release money for travel and children.


Taurus birth signTaureans, your stubborn streak rears its head this week. At work you will want to be seen as an authority in your field of expertise and push ahead for a higher position and greater success. At home others may perceive you as wanting everything your own way, so try not to be too argumentative with loved ones. Relaxation can be found in travel with just one good companion.


Gemini star signGeminis will be restless for most of the week. You have an abundance of dreams and plans, especially around sports and playful, creative activities; but getting others to agree with you, and putting those pans into action is sorely challenging. Your home life appears to be draining your finances and questions will arise concerning lifestyle and what you truly desire from life. Remember, people will like you for who you are, not what you have.

Cancer Star signCancerians are busy improving their homes, but some of you will be doing this with a view to selling and moving on. Positive communication is difficult for all signs this week, but you may feel that no-one is really listening to you. Sit quietly and read a book, or plan an overseas journey, both can be rewarding.


Leo star signLeos like to be seen and acknowledged for their achievements, but this week all the praise will need to come from yourself as for once you appear to be invisible to everyone else. This can be a beneficial time for anyone interested in spiritual or mediumistic pursuits with fresh insights into your chosen area. If you’re involved with teaching or training of any kind this will be a challenging week but the long terms results far greater than you could ever imagine.

Virgo star signVirgos will be on an emotional high this week. Serious discussions with romantic partners can bring agreements to get married, move in together or have children. The promises are rolling in and will be kept. If it’s all about moving in together then anticipate disagreements over space and style and whether you keep your kettle or your partners, and where everything goes.

Libra star signLibrans you have to be careful not to try and be all things to all people this week. You may be asked to act as referee at work or play and it’s your strong sense of morality and justice that sees you through. Being the middle man is never easy. If you’re artistic and creative this is a fabulous time to show off your work. Musicians will do especially well, and any of you who do a public performance, even if it’s a training session at work, will shine.

Scorpio star signScorpios are still steeped in responsibility and this week your strength is in the workplace. Family and work politics see you taking charge and making sure that everyone acts fairly. Home is your safe haven and quality time can be spent with family and friends, although there doesn’t appear to be much time for people venturing into new romances because work is so hectic. Invite that special person round to join you and your friends, because that’s where you’re going to feel most relaxed.

Sagittarius star signIn this week’s tug-of-war between the planets Sagittarians will find yourselves torn between wanting to chill out and stand bold and prove to others that you know what you’re talking about. Right now you’re holding facts that other people are very interested in, so whether you’re working in education or in charge of a team at work, making sure you get your point across clearly is essential. There doesn’t appear to be much peace and quiet at home so don’t fight it, go for a long walk. If you’re having a house built, or in the building trade, check all plans and make adjustments now.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns are in a romantic, playful mood and if you’re unattached new relationships can be forged in which one of you is quite a bit older than the other. This is a fun and flirtatious week, with more time spent out and about than at home. A work colleague can help you gain promotion, and lovers will lavish gifts. A good week for sudden windfalls.


Aquarius star signAquarians will be full of sudden ideas this week, but getting others to understand your grand schemes isn’t going to be easy. Be patient. Work brings success, but others may be envious and question your authority. Walking away is better than arguing, so keep calm, by the 27th things will have turned around and improved. Spiritual pursuits and long drives in the country bring rest and relaxation.

Pisces star signDreamy Pisces are in a carefree mood but work and elders push for duties to be performed. There’s a long term theme of you wanting to reinvent how others see you and this week’s challenges have you asking how you can be more free and independent long term. By the 27th people will be taking you seriously and help you find constructive ways in which to do less work and have more time for personal pursuits without going broke.

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12 zodiac signs

There’s no radio appearance by yours truly this week as the presenter Paul Tizzard is away taking a break. We’ll be back on air in a couple of weeks time.

As so many lovely people have sent me fan mail saying how much they enjoy my weekly horoscope here it is.

That grand trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is still in play, so there’s still a strong theme around authority figures, responsibilty and working through family issues. There’s a direct opposition between Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn so all signs have to watch out for family feuds, property issues, matters concerning inheritance, and who’s making the rules on the home front.

Aries star signAries will find all types of personal relationships very rewarding. Work relationships bring fresh new projects, personal relationships bring decisions about commitment, moving in together and taking things to the next phase, while friendships bring fun and laughter. Moving home or refurbishing brings challenges, so read all legal documents carefully.

Taurus birth signFor Taureans home life is irritating and arguments may erupt over silly issues, such as who’s right and who’s wrong. Friends form an excellent escape so give them a call and run out to play. Anyone working in hospitals will find this week challenging as office politics can hold up work and technical infrastructure isn’t as reliable as it could be.

Gemini star signGemini’s are striving for betterment at work and in their finances, and this is a good to week to make positive headway. You’re invited to take centre stage in meetings and may be voted into a leadership position in your sports club or society. Geminians love to talk and this week you’re on top form, so anyone working in sales is bound to do well.

Cancer Star signCancerians are still embroiled in all things connected to houses, family, homes and moving. It’s time to take a firm stand with children, and anyone working in education will explore new methods and have exciting results. Religious and spiritual beliefs, as well as travel, offer new insights into old problems and mellow ways to relax.

Leo star signLeo like to shine and this is a week of showing off and overcoming any problems by making everyone believe that you know what you’re doing. It works! Serious discussions take place about finances and budget with a view to tucking money away ready for the possibility of a career change. Tightening your belt now offers freedom of choice in the future.

Virgo star signVirgos have a mixed week ahead. Official meetings at work or in social groups make you put your foot down and insist upon being heard. You’re greatest pleasures will be found alone reading a book or watching a film. Long distance communication with loved ones will also cheer you up, but some of you will be yearning to be with someone you haven’t seen in ages.

Libra star signLibrans will find themselves getting out and about and socialising more than usual, with lots of lovely new people to meet. Personal relationships are changing, being reinvented or let go of. Where to move to may be a big question in your life right now. Everyone has an idea about what it’s right for you to do, but be wise and listen to your own inner voice.

Scorpio star signScorpios are still feeling burdened by responsibility and having to be grown up. Introvert Scorpio doesn’t always like showing their hand, but now is the time to speak up, especially in work and business. Spending time in your spiritual home will be truly rewarding and offer a perfect escape; and it doesn’t matter if it’s a field by a river, a church or any location that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Sagittarius star signSagittarians have another restless week in which home life feels irritating and being sensible feels like a chore. Teaching and sharing knowledge is your strength right now, so don’t be afraid to show others that you really know what you’re talking about. You’re in an over analytical frame of mind, so sit down with some friends and put the world to rights.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns biggest challenge is home life, houses and business politics. Bold decisions will be made over the coming weeks and the foundation for those decisions is being formed right now. Friends will lean on you for support, but there’s fun to be had too with lots of interesting conversations. Ideas for all kinds of projects will surface, so make sure you right them down for later reference.

Aquarius star signAquarians will be pushing forwards with work and business, and ideas will be abundant. It’s a good time to get financial support, whether that’s a loan or mortgage. You’re in a very chatty mood all week and friends will enjoy you’re company, just make sure you don’t over indulge with food and drink while wining and dining or you could end up with indigestion.

Pisces star signPisces are still in a very romantic mood with lots of opportunity for fun and play. Unfortunately work demands some attention, but you’ll get that over and done with as quickly as possible. Whether your relationship is new or long standing there are fresh promises being made which bring you closer together, such as engagements, gifts that say ‘I love you’ and decisions to move in together.


I offer personal readings via email, phone and Skype. This is my profession so a fee is involved. If you are interest in having a paid consultation please contact me via the form below.

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I’ve never been a great fan of the Waite deck. Perhaps that’s because my first introduction to tarot cards was through the symbols on the Marseille deck; and because they’re ancient symbols I’ve always classed them as the real deal. Sure, I’ve studied the Waite deck, but I’ve never felt comfortable with it. I’ve never been happy about his ‘correction’ and thus transposition of Strength and Justice. Let’s remember, he was in The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret occult society, where only those in the inner sanctum were permitted certain knowledge. So why did he suddenly publish such a big ‘secret’ for the masses to discover? Or was he trying to confuse us and make the tarot unusable as the sequence is out of synchronisation?

The big Strength/Justice debate is for another post, because today I want to explore the symbolism of The Fool and how reading the card using the Waite deck you can get a vastly different interpretation than by using the Marseille deck.

Let’s start by looking at the two symbols side by side.

Marseille and Waite Fool

Marseille and Waite Fool

To fully understand the Marseille tarot image we need to know a little bit about medieval lifestyle and symbolism. Nearly everyone thinks the dog has bitten the Fool and ripped his trousers. Bad doggie! Not so. In medieval times villages had a dog that would bark and shoo away strangers, which is what the dog in this picture is doing. It’s a warning, not an attack. The dog is saying ‘you’re not welcome here, you’re an outsider.’

Does the Fool care that he’s an outsider and doesn’t fit in their society? Not at all. The fact is that his trousers aren’t ripped at all. In medieval times each leg of men’s hose/trousers were held up separately and if you wanted to do the modern day equivalent of sticking two fingers up at someone you’d drop one side of your hose and show them your bottom. It’s a poo poo. It’s saying ‘Up yours,’ and ‘I don’t need to be a part of your society.’

If you look closely at the image of the Fool you’ll note that he’s walking on firm ground and using his stick to lean on and guide him. In tarot a stick is a baton/wand and this symbolises that he’s relying on his own nature to see him through. His head is tilted up slightly and there’s a suggestion of pride in being himself. He knows who he is.

He has a bag slung over his shoulder (and please don’t get too bogged down in the fact that he’s holding in his left hand and it’s over his right shoulder, because this image is redrawn from a wood-block and stencil deck, and those wood-carvers made many, many minor mistakes, which they later fudged over) and we don’t know what he has in that bag, apart from the fact that it’s what he needs to sustain him. Most likely food for his journey. It’s a secret, but he’s travelling light and has everything he needs to get by.

This version of the Fool shows him to be independent, a free spirit, a free thinker, and unburdened by the need for physical possessions.

Now let’s look at the Rider Waite Fool.

Waite Colman-Smith Fool

When looking at the Waite deck it’s useful to know, not only that Waite was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but that the artist Pamela Colman-Smith was an illustrator, mainly of posters and children’s books, and also designed theatre costumes. This gave Colman-Smith a rich background of stories to fire her imagination; and it’s said that she was natural story-teller, which would have made her popular in the days before T.V. and radio.

Waite-Smith have their Fool holding his head high too, but so much so that he isn’t paying any attention at all and is about to walk off a cliff. Suddenly personal pride is turned into vain arrogance, and stupidity. Well, they do say that pride goes before a fall.

There’s no naked bottom poo-pooing going on here, in fact the Fool is well dressed, and quite a dapper fellow. Waite described them as “gorgeous vestments.” The little dog is now white and cute looking, not a threat at all, with a much greater suggestion of it being a faithful friend who’s barking and warning him of the danger ahead. The dog has become the voice of his conscience, warning him to wake up and pay attention. Yet the Fool is oblivious, happy in his own tra-la-la world. Waite describes this as, “His countenance is full of intelligence and expectant dream.” Personally I’m not so sure of the intelligence, but I will agree with the dream. If we’re focused on our internal visions then we are not paying attention to the world around us.

He no longer leans on a stick, so there’s no suggestion that he relies on his own true nature, instead he holds a white rose high in his left hand, most likely a symbol of his beliefs; possibly The Societas Rosicruciana of which Waite was a member.

The other symbol of importance in the image is the radiating sun up in the top right hand corner. If you give a group of people a piece of paper and ask them to draw mountains and the sun, most of them will position the sun up in the top right hand side of the image. Now, why is this? As human’s we unconsciously acknowledge the right as going forwards, and the left as going backwards. Future and past. Therefore placing the sun to the right is a sign of hope and a desire to go forwards, while if it’s positioned on the left there’s a desire to re-live the past. The Waite-Smith Fool’s sun is positioned to the right, but the Fool is facing away from it and heading to the left, the past. He is turning his back on the future. By comparison the Marseille Fool is walking to the right, towards the future.

Arthur Edward Waite was a very clever man, and I often wonder if he was trying to hoodwink us with these designs and hide the truth, or whether he let Pamela Colman-Smith get on with creating pretty pictures and then made up interpretations for them. In The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, which was originally published as a pamphlet to go with the boxed set of cards, Waite says, “His act of eager walking is still indicated, though he is stationary at the given moment; his dog is still bounding. The edge which opens on the depth has no terror; it is as if angels were waiting to uphold him, if it came about that he leaped from the height.” Personally I don’t buy into his explanation for the Fool looking like he might step over the edge at any moment. It’s a poor excuse.

Unlike Crowley, who was very vociferous about teachings, Waite liked to keep his cards close to his chest and wrote very little about each tarot card design. He never wrote anything about why the cards had the images Pamela Colman-Smith designed and his explanations in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot are at times flaky to say the least. Let’s face it, Waite didn’t like to share his secrets, or at least he wasn’t in the habit of sharing them on paper.

With any tool we use we have a choice of manufacturer, quality and design. It’s the same with Tarot. We’re all individuals so we choose the pack of Tarot cards that appeals to us at a personal level, and using Tarot is a highly personal experience. If you read the image alone and are not familiar with the meanings of numbers and how the system of tarot works as a whole, then you will end up seeing the Fool as foolish and dreamy if you use the Waite deck, and bold and free if you use a Marseille deck. Ultimately, the choice is yours…but I know which I prefer.


For beginners and more experienced tarot readers I have two books available in many popular formats.

Ever wondered what the Fool tarot card means in a tarot reading about sex and relationships? Find out in…

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If you’ve enjoyed this article please follow my blog so that you’ll be kept up to date when I post new articles and tarot interpretations. If you’re not on WordPress come along and follow me on Facebook ToniAllenAuthor or @listansus. Come along and follow me anyway, it would be great to meet you.Toni Allen Logo

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12 zodiac signsWell after the initial excitement of last week’s radio broadcast on SusyRadio the presenter Paul Tizzard and I have been asked by the radio station controller to keep things simple and stick to outlining each star sign’s week ahead. I don’t understand all of the rules but it seems that Ofcom wouldn’t like what we were doing by offering insight into a real person’s birth chart.

It’s a great pity because although Sun sign astrology has its merits it really doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, and certainly doesn’t portray the true depth of astrology and the insights into personality structure that can be seen in an accurate natal birth chart.

You can still hear my dulcet tones on SusyRadio tomorrow between 13:15 and 14:00 BST, so listen in if you can. I’m sure we’ll be able to slip in a little general information about astrology somewhere.

So here they are, in advance of the show, this coming week’s predictions for each star sign.

The trine we saw last week between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is still in place this week and continues the theme of elders and responsibility, although as Mars has shifted away from Jupiter things ease up a little bit.

Aries star sign

Aries will want to spend the week getting ahead at work, but find many of their best efforts frustrated. Meaningful conversations with friends will help ease the way and towards the end of the week new personal and business relationships will make you feel a lot better about complex work situations.


TaurusTaurus birth sign will be in a playful mood for much of the week. They will be encouraged to take centre stage and share their opinions on many issues, especially if they are involved in education or training others. Housework will feel like a real chore, so leave the pots and pans until later, there’s far too much fun to be had.


Gemini star signWhether employed, self-employed or looking for work Geminis will be offered additional responsibilities which can lay down the foundation for future prosperity. Take those opportunities while they’re there. Home life is pretty easy going, but all Geminis have a habit of constantly rearranging the furniture, and this week sees you shifting things around, especially if you’re preparing for visitors to come and stay.


Cancer Star signCancerians are still finding life challenging, mostly in connection with family, home and property. Joining a group of like-minded people will offer a positive avenue to explore your own needs and so this is an excellent time to start pursuing a hobby that you’ve never found enough time for, but always wanted to do.


Leo star signLeos always like to have fun and play, but this week home and family situations urge them to be grown-up and discuss difficult situations. Don’t worry, travel, sports and spiritual activities offer plenty of opportunities to escape and have fun with upbeat friends.


Virgo star signWith lovely Venus in Virgo’s sign this week they will find themselves making new friends, while for the unattached romance is in the air. These will be different types of people to the kind of connections you usually make, and life will feel refreshing, exciting and stimulating.


Libra star signLibrans are due to meet some pretty quirky people this week who will invite you to sit down and tell them all about yourself. Don’t be shy; accept invites to social gatherings and by the end of the week you could find yourself with a very special new friend, who you won’t meet if you don’t take the risk.


Scorpio star signScorpios are still feeling the burden of responsibility, but this week you’re emerging as the authority figure and getting people around you to take you seriously. This can start to bring social and business success, and if you’ve been thinking of changing job this is an excellent week to put in your C.V. for that new position. Catching up with friends helps you balance work and play.


Sagittarius star signSagittarians will be feeling very restless this week; you really won’t feel like doing tedious things that need to be done, such as keeping on top of paying bills or doing the laundry. Any work will be irritating. Escape as often as possible to your favourite spiritual or sporting group to let off steam and put the world to rights.


Capricorn star signsThis week Capricorns will find themselves surrounded by people. They’ll make new friends, catch up with old friends and be so popular that there won’t be enough hours in the day to do everything they want to do. It’s an exciting time with lots of interesting conversations and if you’re involved with learning something new or teaching the ideas will just keep on coming.


Aquarius star signAquarians will be prioritising domestic issues this week, including getting those odd jobs done, clearing their desk at work of any back log, and spending quality time with their pets. Close friends will offer praise and invite you out to explore different places that you’ve never been to before. A good week to spend quiet time with that special person in your life.


Pisces star signPisces are always sensitive folk and this week any duties, both at home or work, can feel a little overwhelming. Good friends will come to your rescue and there’s lots of fun to be had going to the theatre or cinema, and buying a few treats for the home, such as soft furnishings or cooking utensils.

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12 zodiac signsLast week a local radio station in Surrey UK SusyRadio asked if they could read out my blog post about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby son George Alexander Louis. I was thrilled to bits and the feedback from listeners has resulted in yours truly being invited by local radio presenter Paul Tizzard to test the waters for a regular slot talking about astrology on SusyRadio between 13:30 and 14:00 BST every Wednesday. You can listen online, so my overseas audience can enjoy the programme too.

Today Wednesday 31st July was my first live on air chat about astrology with Paul Tizzard and it all went really smoothly for a live show. We opened with some general discussion about how I deal with sceptics and then, after one of my favourite songs, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, I went on to give a brief overview of each star sign’s week ahead.

The show’s producer Rob James was roped into offering over his full birth data; date, place and time of birth so that I could give a brief character portrait. I quickly saw that he’s a truly genuine guy; so he laughed, and said he wouldn’t deny any of it! We had loads of fun, and the listeners did too.

We’re going to make the brief character profile a regular feature, so Paul’s busy gathering birth data for me. I’ll also be doing a weekly horoscope for each star sign.; and we’re trying to set up a podcast so that you can listen to the show again online.

In the meantime I’d like to share with you this coming week’s predictions for each star sign, as read out on SusyRadio

Because there’s a grand trine between Saturn, Neptune and a conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, a theme for all signs over the coming week is the influence of older people and people in authority, so don’t worry if some signs sound a bit similar. The grand trine will affect each sign in a different way.

Aries star sign

Aries are due a week of fun and play, and there are good times to be had with older people socially. Watch out for arguments and disagreements if you’re moving house or doing any home decorating.

Taurus birth signTaureans are also due a week of fun and play, but the influence of older people for them is around education, and with authority figures around possible disruptions while travelling; so make sure you double check all details if going overseas.

Gemini star signFor Gemini those authority figures are showing up mainly in the work place, but also in social groups. This cuts two ways and in some situations you may be the person who is called upon to assert authority and be the strong leader. It’s also a good time to increase your income.

Cancer Star signCancerians, who aren’t having a particularly easy time of things at the moment, will find that most of the struggles with elders and authority figures takes place around their work and home situations, but there are some really positive aspects saying that your friends are there for you, so make that call and arrange to meet for coffee or a meal together.

Leo star signLeos are riding high this week with the sun blazing in their solar. Although those authority figures are also showing up around the home and work place, Leo’s are currently actively seeking change, so they will feel very strong about pushing forwards towards their goals.

Virgo star signVirgos are likely to want to keep to themselves this week and seek some personal quiet time. There’s a bit of conflict here because there are also likely to be asked out to parties and social functions, and asked to take charge and become team leader, so keep a balance between socialising and that need for some quiet.

Libra star signLibrans are absolutely on top of the game this week. There are so many positive opportunities at both work and play that they won’t know which choice to make, so sit back and take a few minutes to think things through.

Scorpio star signScorpios are finding that they are the ones currently being asked to be the grown-ups and take on additional responsibilities. However this coming week the highlight is on planning holidays and other outings, especially with family members.

Sagittarius star signThose elders and authority figures show up in connection with education and study for Sagittarians, but as they always love to learn more about life this week will find them learning something new and wonderful from everyone they meet.

Capricorn star signsCapricorns will find lots of opportunity for play and fun this coming week, but those difficulties with elders and authority figures will most likely show their face in personal relationships. This is a time to run away and amuse yourself, which Capricorns are very good at doing.

Aquarius star signAquarians are currently brimming with business ideas, which is excellent for anyone type of work. Personal relationships are shown as inspiring and tender, so expect lots of late night talks with your loved ones.

Pisces star signPisceans will be feeling very romantic this week, people in a relationship will want to leave work early to be together, and singles may well find a dream partner. Any duties will feel like a chore, something to be finished quickly as life, love and romance beckon.

Have a great week, whichever star sign you are. Toni Allen Logo

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