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The Moon is a major tarot card and sits at number 18

Marseille Tarot MoonIn the foreground of the Moon card you will see a crayfish in a pool of water. It is said that this is stagnant water; and when water is putrid nothing can live in it. Water symbolises the emotions, so here we are referring to stuck or painful emotions.

The crayfish symbolises the individual. Each of us has a hard ego shell which we erect to protect the self/spirit, in the misguided belief that it can damaged or hurt.  In truth it is only the ego which experiences pain. Due to the impurity of the water the crayfish must leave or it will die.

Beyond the water we see the path that the crayfish (oneself) must follow in order to go past the Moon to the Sun which shines behind it. On the path one initially encounters two dogs which symbolise those who would like us to stay as we are and will therefore try and force us to remain in the stagnant emotions.  Beyond the dogs are two towers, one already damaged. These represent false ego identities which we might be tempted to try and hide in along the way. Beyond the Moon is the Sun, and a promise of hope and “light at the end of the tunnel.”

In a tarot reading the Moon card represents fear. However painful the emotional situation might be it is always terrifying to break away from a habitual way of being. Stagnant emotions/water creates bondage.

A prime example of the Moon card in practice is when someone wants to leave a negative relationship.  The first thing they do is go and discuss it with their closest friends and family, symbolised by the howling dogs, who come up with a list of obstacles and reasons why they should not leave. “How will you cope on your own?” “How will you afford to do that?” “Where will you go?” “You must stay and give the children a father.” All of these arguments push the questioner back into their stuck emotional situation, now compounded by added fears and uncertainties. According to everyone around them the journey is too hard and too risky, and therefore they are bound to fail.

Terror roots us to the spot. As the emotions experience further damage we become Waite Tarot Moonmore fearful and less able to take the initial step towards change.

Once past the dogs we might hide in a false ego, a temporary sense of being okay, until we have the courage to take the final step and experience happiness again.

When the tarot Moon card appears in a spread there is always fear. Sometimes it is quite literally a fear of the dark, or a fear of the unknown, but always a fear based on a previous negative emotional experience.

One client whom I worked with for many months always had the Moon card prominent in her readings. She was convinced that she was being watched in her house at night, and that someone might be prowling in her garden and a threat to her. Always the cards came up with the Page of Swords, a devious character; and always the cards pointed towards it being someone she knew.  Every time she feared the “watcher” she phoned her boyfriend to come over and stay, and the fear held them together, bonded them into a co-dependant relationship. “I don’t want him staying all of the time,” she said, “But I’m too frightened to be on my own.” Everything pointed towards the culprit of her night time fears being her boyfriend, but for many months she remained in denial, unable to believe that her rescuer might in fact be her stalker.  As friends became more worried about the situation they encouraged her to phone him, have him stay more often or go and live with him.  Eventually she caught her boyfriend out and proved that for many months he had been deliberately creaking and crunching outside in the middle of the night so that she would become dependent on him.

Not everyone’s Moon card experience is so macabre, yet we all feel the same intensity of fear; whether it be changing jobs, taking a driving test, or moving home.

Toni Allen Tarot MoonFor one of my clients the Moon card symbolised her and her husband’s desire to immigrate to Australia, and the dogs were clearly her family, most especially her children. The children did not want their parents to go and live across the other side of the world so continuously made their parents feel uneasy and guilty about the situation. However, the Moon card also represented the children’s fear of being alone and abandoned, and they were unconsciously projecting their own fears onto their parents.

When the tarot Moon card is reversed one feels unable to face the challenge of fear. There is usually what I call a “yes, but” situation. I saw this for one woman who was nursing her elderly mother and had become totally trapped, even to the point of hardly ever being able to leave the house. “Yes, but if I put my mother in a home all of my inheritance will be eaten up,” she said.“I live in my mother’s house and I will have to sell it to pay for her care and have nowhere to live.” The fear of poverty and destitution kept her trapped in an emotionally fraught situation.

Fear creates illusion. When frightened we are more likely to imagine the worst.  Moonlight literally takes away all of the colour from life and leaves us only with black and white, hence everything we see becomes distorted and not as we know it; which is why the night can be so frightening.

When we experience the fear of the Moon card we need to take courage, ignore our well-wishers and tread our own path, for only we know, in our own hearts, what is right for our highest good.


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As part of the All Authors Blog Blitz taking place today, I am proud to introduce Jane Li the author of Barakel and Nissa

Barakel and Nissa [web use]

Maybe you believe in soul mates, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you believe in reincarnation, maybe you don’t.  Doesn’t matter.  When it comes to attracting the love you want, it appears that all you need to do is follow a formula.  Well-known author Arielle Ford followed a formula, and she got the love of her life.  Is the husband a soul mate from past lives?  Apparently, only our souls know for sure.  We living as humans are said to live in spiritual amnesia about such things as soul mates, although some people just “know.”  Sure, you can do a past life regression or a between-lives regression to find out, and you can believe what you want. 
Barakel and Nissa are two soul mates from way back who knows when (I don’t, I’m just the narrator here).  Through whatever soul reason (you can figure that out if you wish), they come together in the time of biblical Genesis, in the third colony of mythical Lemuria, in the time of Tudor England (no darlings, it’s not about Henry or any of his six wives [HBO already did that]; this time the little ones get to star), and in present day America.  A good thing about writing fiction is that even though you put your main characters through hell and high water (really, there is literally high water in the story), and add extra irritation with a pesky and arrogant god, you can still give them a ridiculously happy ending in the end.  That’s fiction…
…or is it? J

Jane Li is the author of Barakel and Nissa.  When she’s not working on her next book, Jane likes to give librarians a good workout with her numerous book requests, try on interesting hats and dresses, and laugh at her own Corgis (never the Queen’s).  You’re welcome to visit her blog at http://barakelandnissa.wordpress.com/

Jane Li’s novel is already 5 star rated on Amazon with excellent reviews, so if you fancy a good romantic read for the weekend pick up a copy of Barakel and Nissa

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AABB2As part of the All Authors Blog Blitz taking place today, I am proud to introduce

bad girls clubThe Bad Girls’ Club: it’s about sex, it’s about dares but most of all, it’s about friendship.

When Imogen, Juliette and Beth are seated together at a wedding, they have nothing in common but their resentment of the bride, Poppy. A risque prank draws them together and they decide to form the Bad Girls Club – a last ditch effort to free them from the shackles of keeping themselves nice.

The club rules are simple.  Each girl must complete a dare pushing them way out of their comfort zones.

Imogen puts the club in danger with her first dare. It seems nothing she does works out quite right until she is approached by the one man she thinks she can never have, the one man she should never have – Poppy’s husband, Daniel.

When Juliette is transformed by a bad girl makeover, suddenly she’s the girl everyone wants. Why would she be satisfied with one man when two are even better? But Juliette’s evolution doesn’t end there!

Beth is happy to be a bad girl – so long as no one else finds out, so long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of her life and so long as she is in control. It’s just a pity Juliette is developing a mind of her while Imogen’s breasts are testing her ideas of appropriate desire.

Are the girls ready to finally take the final leap that will have them branded as bad girls for real? To save the club, and each other, they each have to publicly acknowledge their darkest secrets.

Join the bad girls in this steamy yet snort-laughingly funny chick lit adventure.

This is what Kathryn O’Halloran has to say about her career to date.

The Bad Girls’ Club is my debut novel although I have written a number of short stories that have been published in magazines and anthologies.  I wanted to write a book that showed women taking control of their sexuality and the issues that surround that.  I liked the idea of a group of women with very different personalities who are thrown together and the way that friendship evolves.

I’ve been asked if some of the situations in The Bad Girls’ Club are drawn from my own experiences.  I will say that some are but I’m not telling which ones.

Outside of writing, I work in information technology but have explored a number of jobs including working as a phone pyschic, teaching English in Japan, making and selling crazy fake fur handbags and producing a TV show for community television

You can find out more about Kathryn on her blog at http://kathrynohalloran.blogspot.com

The Bad Girls’ Club already has some terrific reviews, so why not check it out for your summer reading.



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AABB2Throughout Saturday 15th June 2013 you’ll be seeing this banner across many writers’ blogs. So, what is the All Authors Blog Blitz? Well, we’re a group of writers who’ve met via Goodreads, and we’ve decided that it would be great fun to introduce our blog readers to other authors that you may not be aware of.

I’ve titled the posts Introducing Emerging Authors and on each post you’ll find information about their books, the author, and a link to their blogs.

I shall be introducing you to Jane Li and Kathryn OHalloran

I have the delightful Kevin Hardman, author of Sensation, a superhero novel, introducing me on his blog where I’m interviewed about my writing and Being Richard at http://kevinhardman.blogspot.co.uk/

I also have the Jane Li talking to me on her blog about Sex & Tarot where you can read exclusive excerpts from the book. Now isn’t that worth popping along to read?  http://barakelandnissa.wordpress.com/

Wherever you go today look out for the All Authors Blog Blitz banner and have a blast discover exciting new authors.Toni Allen Logo




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5 star reviews for Sex & Tarot

I’m thrilled to have my latest tarot book so well received.

Here’s what Read Greyer has to say about Sex & Tarot on his Amazon review.

“Great book on little talked about issues in a tarot reading–sex!”

Toni Allen has done it again. Her first book on the tarot presented a whole new way of reading the tarot. Now comes this book, which is like a companion to her first book. Most tarot books today (and yesterday) do not discuss sex at all. Which is wrong because sex is a major factor in living in this world and should not be ignored. With this book one can learn what your partner REALLY likes, what the date you are are going on REALLY wants relationship-wise. Her book adds another dimension to a tarot reading that most tarot readers today cannot provide. Her writing is clear, direct, and humorous. A highly informative book that is fun to read. Get it if you do tarot readings–either professionally or just for yourself and friends.


Here’s what Kate C has to say about Sex & Tarot on her 5 star Amazon review

“A Good Education”

Sex and Tarot is a fantastic way to brush up on your existing knowledge of Tarot – or a great introduction to it. It’s divided into useful sections that are relevant to any relationship and gives you the chance to see the cards from a new angle. It’s also very accessible and is an interesting way to improve on your Tarot skills – and your relationships. A very unique concept, delivered in a ‘bite-size’ way and a book to refer back to time and again.

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen


Sex & Tarot iTunes

Paperback via Lulu (possibly best price)

Kindle UK  Kindle US Paperback Amazon UK  Paperback Amazon US

Also on Nook and other platforms

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