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Anyone reading this who doesn’t have a WordPress blog will probably not be aware that WordPress has a very informative stats page for our blogs. One of the key features of most interest to me at the moment is not how many visitors, but the search terms being used to bring people to my blog. By reading the search terms used I’ve come to the conclusion that when studying tarot a lot of people are looking for precise meanings of tarot card combinations, and that is what has brought them to my blog. Combining tarot cards in context is the art of tarot, and it’s good to see so many people wanting to explore more in-depth interpretations.

rs-6cups-death-tarotNow, for me to write every tarot card combination would take a lifetime! So, what I’ve decided to do is to take a small selection of the REAL search terms used and give interpretations. In fact, the title of this post, combination tarot card meanings, is a real search term used by someone. I daresay that the people who originally used these search terms will not arrive at my blog again, but maybe they will, and hopefully these interpretations will help.

One thing to note is that because I haven’t written about all 78 tarot cards yet that people are only finding my blog via the cards I have mentioned, so if you think that some tarot cards are missing, that’s the reason why.

If you have a tarot card combination that’s confusing, or not easily explained, post it at the bottom of this article and I’ll write an interpretation for you as well.

lovers. 6 cups, death tarot combination

With this combination I don’t know the context of the reading and whether the questioner was asking about, romance, work or another issue.

The Lovers card is primarily about decision making, but it’s also about the stage of growing up and having to make our own choices in life. The 6 of cups is all about the past present and future, and followed by the death card there is a firm idea of putting the past behind us and moving forwards without looking back.

So, the choice is to let go of the past. With the death card as the final card the implication is that once this decision is made that there is no going back.

tarot sun card reversed his feelings

tarot sun reversedWith this combination I have a clearer idea of what is being asked about. His feelings; so this appears to be a romantic question. The tarot Sun reversed is a card of renewed bliss and contentment. It usually means that the person it is referring to has had emotionally hard times in the past, but they have now recovered and learnt to love and be happy again. This person will not have forgotten the past, but they do not dwell on it.

As this is a romantic question I have a strong feeling that the person who asked this question has in some way acted as a healing catalyst for him. He has found happiness again and probably never thought he would.

So, his feelings will be ‘renewed happiness and joy.’

the tower love life tarot prediction

The Tower is all about shocks and upsets. This certainly doesn’t bode well for a love Tarot the Towerlife prediction. It can mean that the person you become involved with continuously picks away at your personality, finding fault with everything you do, which undermines your self-confidence. It can also mean that there’s a big shock ahead, such as discovering that your lover is already in a relationship or hasn’t been completely honest with you.

So, if this is a new relationship then it’s probably best to get out quickly before you get hurt.

If the question was asked in a more general way then it means that you have a tendency to be drawn towards challenging, destructive relationships.

strength tarot card as a final outcome in love

Marseille Tarot StrengthThe Strength card is all about holding back negative or overly passionate behaviour. Here the questioner is asking about the final outcome in love. With the strength card as a final outcome it suggests that the couple are not being completely open with each other and are on their best behaviour. There is probably anxiety over showing anger or negative emotions for fear of losing the partner. It also means that there can be reservation about being completely passionate sexually, and sometimes I have seen the Strength card mean that no sex happens at all.

So, as a final outcome for love this is very reserved and not the complete wow that we would all like love to be.

devil tarot card meaning stage of life

This is very interesting because the questioner has added ‘meaning stage of life’ and I Marseille Tarot the Devilwonder if they’re using a spread that has this as a designated part of the layout. The Devil tarot card refers to guilt and bad habit, but with reference to a stage of life it can mean that the questioner is in the habit of apologising for everything they do and thus for their very existence. Very often people who feel guilty about existing start their sentences with ‘Sorry.’ i.e. ‘Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you.’ On the other hand it could mean that the questioner is just about to fall into some bad habits, or is taking action to break bad habits. I would be interested to know what the rest of their spread looked like so that I can place the interpretation in better context.

six of cups with the judgement tarot relationship

6 cups-judgement-tarotI’ve seen this combination come up in a tarot reading for relationships on several occasions. As the six of cups refers to the past and the Judgement card is about an awakening it means that you meet someone you used to know but see them in a whole new light. I recall one client who had bumped into an old school friend and she said, ‘Like wow! I didn’t recognise him. He’d got rid of the glasses and was wearing contact lenses, had smartened up his hair and…well, I’d never even considered him as a potential boyfriend before.’ It’s not always about looks, but it’s always about seeing someone afresh and wondering why you never noticed how sexy or kind they were before.

eight of cups tarot card astrology and suicide

Rider Waite 8 Cups tarotThis is a very serious question that someone is looking for an answer to, but I decided to include it to show that not everyone is searching for love and romance. I’m not going to include the astrology part of the question, just the eight of cups tarot card and suicide. The eight of cups refers to leaving a situation that has become stuck or boring and moving on to somewhere better. It is always a fearful journey that people will put off and make excuses not to make. Usually it’s seen in the context of leaving a secure job or a long term relationship. However, when the key word here is suicide it suggests that the questioner believes that death will be a better place to be than the one they are in now, and that it’s a journey they are contemplating.

todays sex tarot

Sex & Tarot by Toni Allen

Well the simple answer to this one is to buy my book sex & tarot and to shuffle your tarot deck, spread them out and choose your own sex tarot card for today. Sex & Tarot is full of fun interpretations for your sex life.

dream come true tarot card

The tarot card for a dream come true is the seven of Cups reversed. When the seven 7 cups reversed tarotof Cups is upright it refers to daydreaming and wishing for something. When it is reversed you have what you wished for in your life. This can be anything. Sometimes it’s as simple as wishing that someone would send you flowers on your birthday because it’s never happened before, or having more leisure time. Remember, there’s power in thought so be careful what you wish for.

If you have a tarot card combination that you’d like an interpretation for feel free to post it below.


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