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Being Richard. A novel about an immortal who lives in Surrey.

I thought it would be fun to start building up some visual references for Being Richard so that anyone who lives outside the area can see what kind of landscape the story takes place in.

This first map is of Thundry Meadows near Elstead, Surrey where Sunbeerka a.k.a. Richard Ridley was born. In the map you can clearly see the meandering line of the River Wey and the war time pill box, where the great oak used to stand, is situated near the left hand upwards sweep. I went over to take some photos the other day but the water level was so high where the river had burst its banks that my mission failed. I’ll return at the first opportunity when the sun is shining so that you can see the pill box for yourselves.

This second map is a larger view of Elstead, Surrey where Sunbeerka lives now. Woodman’s Cottage is towards the bottom left of the map moving out of town and you can clearly see the triangular shaped Village Green mentioned at the beginning of chapter 3

“We took Gilbert’s car, a modest saloon, to drive down to Elstead village and buy sugar. I didn’t go in. Too much gossip and tittle-tattle bounced around in corner shops, the lies and hurt erupting from twisted stories something I had learnt to fear and despise. It was raining quite heavily now, the droplets spangling on the windscreen as street lights came on around the village green. Over the years I had seen that patch of grass triangulate as men first walked, then rode, and later drove horse drawn carts or motor vehicles off towards either Farnham or Godalming. If I half closed my eyes I could see their spirits walk past through a blur of eyelashes. Roman soldiers, the monks from Waverley Abbey… oh yes, those damned monks.”

I’ll be adding more maps and visuals as the weeks go by.

You can buy Being Richard on Kindle or on iTunes It’s also available for Nook and other platforms and will soon be available in paperback.

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Valentine Heart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many people are turning their attention to love and romance. They buy pretty or flirty greetings cards and send them anonymously, as is the tradition, in the hope of attracting the attention of the person they are infatuated with. It’s a game and it’s fun, and human beings have been strutting and fluffing their feathers in order to attract a mate since Adam and Eve first adorned themselves with fig leaves.

Maybe not everyone leaves their Valentine’s card as a mystery these days, choosing to sign and declare their emotions. Most everyone is looking for love, searching for that special someone who will fire their heart with passion and be there for them come rain or shine. It’s one of the most commonly asked questions during a tarot reading, ‘Will I find love?’

At different stages in life we’re looking for different things, but with love there is only one proviso, to love and be loved. So, in a tarot reading, how do we tell if love is on its way and here to stay?

I’m focusing on the suit of Cups as it’s associated with emotions. The following tarot interpretations are in the context of someone asking about romance.

Toni Allen Tarot Ace of CupsThe Ace of Cups symbolises our ability to be open hearted and to love and accept love in return. Hence the Ace of Cups shows that we are ready for love, but doesn’t necessarily mean that we have someone to love. Very often the Ace of Cups will show up in a reading when someone has recovered from a broken heart and is ready to try again.

The Two of Cups is very important when looking for romance because it symbolises attraction and finding someone attractive. It’s that delicious moment of looking across the room and going ‘wow.’ We instantly feel a connection and an overwhelming desire to know this person better. We call it, falling in love.

The Three of Cups is the marriage card. Either the romance will end in marriage or he/she will already be married.

The Four of Cups is all about rejection, so you may be feeling rejected by a previous partner and be anticipating it this time round.

Toni Allen Tarot Five of CupssThe Five of Cups symbolises a connection way beyond the physical. This is a psychic connection. You meet someone for the first time and you feel like you’ve known them forever. You feel how they feel, you can sense their joy and their pain. You feel so in tune with each other that for months you’ll go around joined at the hip sucking in each other’s vibes and feeling completely at one with each other. The cautionary note here is that if you’re not careful it might turn to smother love and won’t leave you any space to be yourself within the relationship.

The Six of Cups can symbolise an old flame returning. The person you meet has echoes of the past and you’ve probably already got some kind of history together, even if it’s as simple as being born in the same town, yet meeting each other many miles away. You can read more about the Six of Cups in my article on the card.

Toni Allen Tarot Seven of CupsThe Seven of Cups. Now, you really want to see the Seven of Cups reversed in your romance tarot reading because this is the wish fulfilment card, the dream come true. He or she really is Mr or Miss Right when you have this card show itself. When upright the Seven of Cups is all about day dreaming and imagining your ideal love, fantasising by reading romantic novels and wishing someone wonderful would appear.

The Eight of Cups symbolises looking outside your normal sphere for romance. Going to different places means that you get to meet different people, so if you’re in the habit of going to the same pubs or clubs with your friends encourage everyone to try somewhere new for a change.

The Nine of Cups is all about relaxing with friends and meeting someone new in a safe and friendly environment. Accept that party invitation, attend a friend’s wedding and don’t be shy about chatting to other guests.

The Ten of Cups symbolises contentment. It doesn’t hold the same wow factor as the Two of Cups, it’s more mellow and shows that you truly feel comfortable in someone’s company.

If you’d like to find out about the court cards in connection with romance and sexual relationships you’ll find full interpretations in my book Sex & Tarot.

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If you’d like an article on a particular tarot card just let me know and I’ll write one to help you learn tarot.

My two books on tarot are The Sytsem of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot and for anyone over 18 Sex & Tarot Both books are available in many formats and are on iTunes/iBooks, Nook and Kindle. Toni Allen Logo

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The Four Tarot Suits and their association to Air, Fire, Water and Earth

Recently I was emailed by someone asking for clarification on the meanings of the four suits in tarot, especially their association with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. For the sake of simplicity I shall focus on the four aces as these embody the essence of each suit. All of the Aces symbolise new beginnings connected to the specific suit.

Ace of Swords Marseille TarotThe suit of Swords is ruled by air.

Symbolically the Swords rule thought and our ability to discriminate. The Ace of Swords has a light side and a dark side, depicting the two options we have in any given thought process-the this and the that, the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the positive and negative, attack or defend. The Ace of Swords is depicted upright, its point often encircled by a crown symbolising the head and the crown chakra, or piercing through clouds, showing that we can trust knowledge from our higher self and speak our truth.

Air is what we breathe and regulates the entire body. We each have an in-breath and an-out-breath, a cycle which continues until the spirit leaves the body.

When mentally challenged by opposition from others we experience anxiety, shallow breathing, panic attacks, palpitations, headaches and other conditions. This is why people often associate the suit of swords with ‘bad things,’ strife and danger.

The Ace of Swords symbolises our ability to speak our truth, integrity, honesty and clarity. When reversed it symbolises untruths, outrights lies and an inability to maintain our opinion when opposed by others.

Ace of Batons Marseille TarotThe suit of Batons/Wands is ruled by fire.

Symbolically the Batons rule our individual nature and ability to perform physical activities. The Ace of Batons is depicted as a sprouting branch showing all of the potential for creativity and growth defined by our specific nature. For example: If we have an artistic nature then we will turn our attention to such things as painting, music and writing. If we have a practical nature then we will turn our attention to such things as mechanics, gardening and carpentry. It is said that if each man follows his true nature then he will find bliss and be truly content. Symbolic fire is the light that shines through each individual.

Fire regulates the body’s temperature. Too hot and we become feverish. Too cold and we shiver. Fire also gives us light and colour. When correctly regulated fire gives us the energy for creative pursuits, sports, exercise, sex, fun, laughter and many other activities that are both practical and give us pleasure, which is why the batons rule joy, artists and procreation.

The Ace of Batons symbolises the beginning of any new activity. It’s a real ‘yipeee!’ kind of feeling. The Ace of Batons also symbolises the erect penis. You can read more about sexual interpretations for all 78 tarot cards in my book Sex & Tarot

When reversed the Ace of batons symbolises projects failing to get going, and generally feeling dull and out of sorts.

Ace of Cups Marseille TarotThe suit of Cups is ruled by water.

Symbolically the Cups rule our ability to love and be loved by others. We not only need to give love but we also have to be able to accept and receive love from others in order to be complete.

Water keeps the body hydrated. It acts as a bond. Symbolically it creates bonds between people, places and things. We call these bonds love.

There are many depictions of the cup as a symbol of this love and these bonds. In the tale of King Arthur the Holy Grail is depicted as something that can only be found and touched by someone who is pure of heart. If we too are pure of heart then we can attain the perfection and wisdom of love symbolised by the Holy Grail. Another cup symbol is the baptism font in which we are immersed and bonded with the church. Think on how many times you have offered a friend a cup of tea or coffee, or to ‘go for a drink together.’ Unconsciously every time we do this we are renewing the bond of friendship, sharing in a sacred ritual that binds two hearts together. The love symbolised by the cups is for one person to another, and although they do not exclude romantic love, the types of love they depict goes far beyond romance.

The Ace of Cups symbolises the open heart and our ability to love and be loved. We are open to new friendships and prepared to receive offers of affection from others.

When reversed the Ace of Cups symbolises the broken heart or closed heart. We do not let people in emotionally due to grief or sadness, and we are unable to offer any affection in return.

Ace of Coins

Ace of Coins

The suit of Coins/pentacles is ruled by earth.

Symbolically the coin represents wisdom and wealth. The coin is a universal symbol of reward for our efforts. Wisdom is acquired through study or through life experience. This wisdom is what we trade when we work, and we are rewarded according to the amount of knowledge we have obtained in our chosen field.

Earth is the physical body. Without the physical body all of the other elements do not have a vehicle to go out and play in. Without a physical body we cannot enjoy the intellectual debate offered by the swords, the fun and laughter offered by the batons, or the love offered by the cups. The body requires food and shelter before it can enjoy the added extras that a human incarnation offers the spirit.

Very often people see the suit of coins as nothing but work, but that is simply not the case. Great pleasure can be obtained from acquiring a new skill, from being rewarded and praised for daily duties we perform, and from sharing knowledge when teaching other people.

The Ace of Coins symbolises wisdom and wealth in its purest form. It also depicts any document that has value to us. For example: The piece of paper our qualification is on, the one we proudly hang on the wall of our office. The deeds to our property. A book of notes for our latest project. Surrounding cards will help describe what type of document the Ace of Coins is referring to.

When reversed the Ace of Coins becomes greedy, and although we may have the wisdom or wealth we are loath to share it with others. It becomes ‘my’ knowledge and ‘my’ money. Often we’ve worked hard to acquire this wisdom or wealth, but if we hold on too tight others can never benefit from our knowledge and formulate new ideas. The knowledge dies along with us.

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6 of Cups in a tarot reading – tarot interpretation

6 Cups Marseille Tarot

6 Cups Marseille Tarot

To understand any minor card meaning in tarot we first need to appreciate its place within the entire system of tarot. So, with the 6 of cups we first see that it’s part of the suit of cups. Cups are ruled by water and symbolise our emotions and ability to bond with people, places and things. All minor cards relate to the major cards, most especially the major cards sitting at the same number. Here we are studying the number 6. The major tarot cards relating to number 6 are The Lovers and The Tower. The 6 of Cups is more heavily influenced by The Lovers card.

The Lovers Card depicts a young man standing at the cross-roads of

The Lovers Marseille Tarot

The Lovers Marseille Tarot

life. He stands in the present; the here and now. He has a decision to make. Should he go forwards into relationship and cut the apron strings as depicted by the older woman symbolising his mother, or stay home a while longer? Above his head the putti clouds his judgement by shooting arrows of desire towards his lover, yet he looks towards his mother for guidance. It’s a time of confusion and upheaval, a time when the future beckons yet the past threatens to hold us back. We know the past, after all we’ve already lived it, and we cling to it purely because we know it.

Don’t worry that the symbol is a story about a man. This dilemma happens to all of us whether male or female. We all face times when we need to discriminate and choose what will be the best way forwards for our long term benefit.

6 of Cups Waite Tarot

6 of Cups Waite Tarot

If we now bring this theme of The Lovers into the realms of cups and emotions we see that the 6 of Cups relates to emotions from the past, present and future. We stand in the present and look to our past and imagine the future. We consider how something did feel and how something might feel again, or how something new might feel. We assess everything with the emotions; there is no logic here.

In the Rider Waite deck, as illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith, he describes it as ‘A card of the past and memories, looking back, as-for example-on childhood…’but this is only part of the interpretation.

Here are a few examples of how we might see the 6 of Cups during a reading. Surrounding cards always modify the meaning.

Nostalgia and dwelling on the past. This interpretation for the 6 of Cups is seen when the card is reversed.  The questioner is more interested in the past and memories than in the present.

Tidying up and having a good clear out in the home (or workspace). It’s sounds like a very mundane interpretation but when we have a good sort out, maybe getting up in the loft or out in the garage to sort out all of that stuff we’ve been holding onto for years, it becomes a major operation in our life. Each item that we pick up holds a memory, reminds us of a loved one or a time in our life when we were happy or sad. Photos can be one of the most stirring possessions to sort out, because people we love, or once loved, look right back at us. Do we need to keep their image physically in our life? Other items such as a box of mementos from holidays stir us to sit down and reminisce, while that old vacuum cleaner, that really doesn’t work anymore, reminds us of the investment we put into buying it and how important a piece of equipment it was at the time. Do we still need these things? Do we need these items in our life to stir the memories, or can we live without them? Every single object we look at, or touch, needs a decision made, and an action taken.

This interpretation for the 6 of Cups is often seen when next to the 6 of Swords, The Lovers or the 4 Batons.

6 cups scenario

Decorating or refurnishing the home (or workspace). This interpretation for the 6 of Cups is often brought about by one of those moments when we step into our living space and suddenly see it with fresh eyes. We see it as others might and realise that the furnishings are old fashioned, the walls grubby and it all looks a bit tired. It feels like living in the past. Depending on surrounding cards here we can find everything from a complete overhaul and getting the decorators in, to popping out and buying a few new cushions for the sofa to add a splash of this season’s fashion colour so that we appear modern and on trend.

It can also be the task of rearranging the furniture so that a room looks fresh, new and different. Many Geminians like to rearrange their furniture one or twice a year.

This interpretation for the 6 of Cups is often seen when next to the 4 Batons, Ace of Batons or 3 of Coins.

6 Cups Marseille Tarot

6 Cups Marseille Tarot

10 Coins Waite Tarot

10 Coins Waite Tarot

4 Batons Marseille Tarot

4 Batons Marseille Tarot

Moving house/relocating. This is a very important issue for people and the 6 of Cups stands at a pivotal point when we move house. We clear all of our stuff out, make decisions about what to take with us and what to throw away, pack what we want to keep into boxes and transport it to our new home. Exhausting! Along with the arrival at the new home arise all sorts of overwhelming emotions, especially as we’re tired from all of the work and organisation. The pang of nostalgia. The sense of already missing our old neighbours and wondering if they really will keep in contact. The sudden rush of love for our new home, the excitement, and then the concern over whether this new kitchen really is a blue room and whether the appliances we’ve brought over will suit.

The past collides with the present and our future life in the new home appears before us like an adventure. Which way will it go? Will we enjoy our new home and love it for as long as the old one, or will the romance dwindle and fade?

Moving house goes in cycles and those cycles are represented by the 10 of Coins and the 4 of Batons. The 10 of Coins is the seat of power of the family type home and the 4 of batons is the new home. We start off by leaving the 10 of coins and making our way to the 4 of Batons. During our adult life we may have several 4 of Batons type homes, but eventually a large percentage of us end up with a 10 of Coins type home all of our own. Even when retired we go and buy a home large enough for our children and our children’s children to come and stay in. It becomes the ‘family home,’ the place that the younger members of the family gravitate towards when they say they are going home for the weekend.

When the 6 of Cups is turned after the 9 of Coins it often means that a youngster is leaving home, often to go to university or to move into their first flat. The 9 of Coins symbolises a place of safety, and with it placed in the reading prior to the house move  symbolised by the 6 of Cups, it means that if everything goes dreadfully wrong that there is a safe place to return to.

Marseille Tarot Knight Cups

Knight Cups Marseille Tarot

A friend or romantic partner from the past reappearing. Most often this interpretation for the 6 of Cups has the Knight of Cups close by during a reading. The knight of Cups is romantic and exciting, yet never stays around for long. We don’t expect them to appear, yet we don’t anticipate them disappearing quite so soon either. In some contexts the 6 of Cups simply means ‘an old flame.’

An interest in history. Some people work as historians, but for many of us it’s a passing interest when on holiday and we look around ancient monuments or classical buildings. Mostly this will show when the 6 of Cups is next to the 3 of Coins symbolising architecture.

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