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At the end of 2014 I was interviewed by the highly talented Ally Bishop at www.upgradeyourstory.com on blogtalkradio.

We talk writing and tarot. Have a listen, and not only will you hear my dulcet tones, but also enjoy a few tarot tales and ghost stories.

2015 is going to be a year of change and I’m planning big things, with a new website under way, and loads of interactive events for you to join in with. More podcasts, webinars, and Google hangouts are all planned.

On some of these I’ll be teaching tarot, so if you have specific areas of tarot reading you’d like to learn about, let me know.

Keep up to date with how my new website build is shaping up by following my blog, or chasing after me on social media. Let’s keep in touch in 2015.




My novel Visiting Lilly takes place in the lead up to Christmas so I’ve made a seasonal book trailer. It’s a page turning mystery thriller which can be read at any time of year and is available on Amazon where it’s receiving 5 star reviews.

By the way, it’s readers and reviewers who are calling it a page turner: the feedback I’m having is amazing. One guy told me he hardly ever reads novels, but couldn’t wait for his tea break at work to get back to his ereader to find out what happened next. One woman I spoke to said a scene in Visiting Lilly had her in tears, because it was such an accurate portrayal of a situation she had experienced.

Keep an eye out because before Christmas I’ll be running some discounts and rock botom prices. Perfect for stocking fillers.

There’s still time to enter by rafflecopter draw for a free ebook copy of Visiting Lilly AND a tarot reading.

If you’d like to follow my blog tour and read all of the articles and reviews posted you’ll find full details at www.toniallenbooks.com

Toni Allen Author:

Come and join in the conversation. Which tarot card would you choose to represent Father Christmas?

Originally posted on Toni Allen Books:

Father ChristmasI don’t know why, but this conundrum crossed my mind earlier today. Which Tarot card does represent Father Christmas? I’m not sure, having never met the man in person, or had the privilege of reading for him. So I’ll have to use deduction and guesswork.

Well, let’s see now.

Tarot King of CupsThe King of Cups is the father figure. He’s warm and friendly, good with children and loves food. That seems like a pretty good start for Santa Claus. Hmm, is he the right card though? The King of Cups tends to show his affection by bestowing lots of quality time and hugs on the people he loves, and isn’t overly keen on showing affection by gifts alone. Sure, he does buy presents, but he’s more likely to bunk off work early to play with his children, then take them out for a bite to eat together, rather than bring home a…

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Today my blog tour is stopping off with C.R. Moss. Want to know what the mystery of Visiting Lilly is all about? Then why not enter to win an ebook copy plus a tarot reading. Yes, if you enter the competition you might be the lucky winner of a free tarot reading with yours truly, Toni Allen.

Visiting Lilly Blog Tour Banner

In my interview I talk about why I chose Farnham, Surrey, as a location for Visiting Lilly. You can also read an excerpt in which Frankie Hayward has been warned by people in high places not to talk to Detective Inspector Jake Talbot during his investigation.

‘Mr Hayward.’ He leant forwards. ‘We have a huge dilemma.’

Visiting Lilly is available as an ebook and paperback.

Visiting Lilly Amazon UK

Visiting Lilly Amazon US

Like to win a tarot reading with me, Toni Allen, AND an ebook of my latest novel Visiting Lilly? It’s free to enter!

Visiting Lilly Blog Tour Banner

Danita Minnis is hosting the first stop on my blog tour and that’s where you’ll find the giveaway entry form.

Stop by and read my author interview with Danita, discover how I came up with the idea for Visiting Lilly, and enjoy the excerpt.

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The first part of my interview with Mariavittoria Spina of OltreConfine

Originally posted on Toni Allen Books:

After having my tarot book The System of Symbols published in Italy by Spazio Interiore as IL Sistema Dei Simboli, I was interviewed by Mariavittoria Spina of OltreConfine. She has very kindly let me run the interview on ToniAllenBooks so that my English speaking audience can enjoy it too.

IL Sistema Dei Simboli - Tarot book

I shall be splitting the interview into sections, so over the next week or so you’ll be able to learn how I came to be a tarot reader, more about my life as a psychic, and some of my insights into tarot.

Mariavittoria Spina Mariavittoria Spina

Interview with Toni Allen
By Mariavittoria Spina

Fond of art and photography, Toni Allen is a British astrologer and Tarot reader, internationally known. An expert in Bach Flower Remedies, symbolism, and Vedic numerology, Allen is a natural born psychic medium who has been working as a teacher…

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Toni Allen Author:

The blog tour for my new novel Visiting Lilly starts Monday 22nd October 2014. Insights, competitions and prizes! One of the prizes up for grabs will be a tarot reading from me, Toni Allen. Come and join in the fun at http://www.toniallenbooks.com

Originally posted on Toni Allen Books:

Visiting Lilly by Toni Allen

The other day I had lovely feedback from someone who’s just started reading Visiting Lilly. Part of his enthusiasm was that he lives locally to Farnham, and knows all of the locations, so instantly gained a sense of belonging to the story, and of it being about people he could relate to.

Now, I’m fully aware that not everyone lives near Farnham, Surrey, UK.
For those of you who don’t I shall build a sense of location, periodically adding new photos, so that you too can see the places that DI Jake Talbot and Frankie Hayward visit.

Farnham Police StationOur first stop on this virtual tour of Farnham and surrounding areas is Farnham Police Station, where Talbot works. Built in 1963, it’s now due for demolition. The irony is that I started writing Visiting Lilly way before the police began their scheme of selling off prime location buildings and streamlining…

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