Today my blog tour is stopping off with C.R. Moss. Want to know what the mystery of Visiting Lilly is all about? Then why not enter to win an ebook copy plus a tarot reading. Yes, if you enter the competition you might be the lucky winner of a free tarot reading with yours truly, Toni Allen.

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In my interview I talk about why I chose Farnham, Surrey, as a location for Visiting Lilly. You can also read an excerpt in which Frankie Hayward has been warned by people in high places not to talk to Detective Inspector Jake Talbot during his investigation.

‘Mr Hayward.’ He leant forwards. ‘We have a huge dilemma.’

Visiting Lilly is available as an ebook and paperback.

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Visiting Lilly by Toni Allen28th October to 30th November 2014

YOU have a chance to win a FREE copy of Visiting Lilly by Toni Allen

in my Goodreads Book Giveaway


If you’re one of the 5 lucky winners you’ll receive a paperback copy of Visiting Lilly

This competition is open to UK residents.

If you live overseas you STILL have an opportunity of winning a digital version of Visiting Lilly by entering the competition on my blog tour. First stop an interview with Danita Minnis. You might like to read the excerpt from Visiting Lilly and hear more about my life as a writer while you’re there :-)

Enter to win an ebook.

Only by reading Visiting Lilly will you get to find out why no-one wants 27 year old Frankie Hayward to visit Lilly. She’s old now, very old, living in a care home. But once she was young…

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Like to win a tarot reading with me, Toni Allen, AND an ebook of my latest novel Visiting Lilly? It’s free to enter!

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Danita Minnis is hosting the first stop on my blog tour and that’s where you’ll find the giveaway entry form.

Stop by and read my author interview with Danita, discover how I came up with the idea for Visiting Lilly, and enjoy the excerpt.

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The first part of my interview with Mariavittoria Spina of OltreConfine

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After having my tarot book The System of Symbols published in Italy by Spazio Interiore as IL Sistema Dei Simboli, I was interviewed by Mariavittoria Spina of OltreConfine. She has very kindly let me run the interview on ToniAllenBooks so that my English speaking audience can enjoy it too.

IL Sistema Dei Simboli - Tarot book

I shall be splitting the interview into sections, so over the next week or so you’ll be able to learn how I came to be a tarot reader, more about my life as a psychic, and some of my insights into tarot.

Mariavittoria Spina

Mariavittoria Spina

Interview with Toni Allen
By Mariavittoria Spina

Fond of art and photography, Toni Allen is a British astrologer and Tarot reader, internationally known. An expert in Bach Flower Remedies, symbolism, and Vedic numerology, Allen is a natural born psychic medium who has been working as a teacher…

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The blog tour for my new novel Visiting Lilly starts Monday 22nd October 2014. Insights, competitions and prizes! One of the prizes up for grabs will be a tarot reading from me, Toni Allen. Come and join in the fun at http://www.toniallenbooks.com

Originally posted on Toni Allen Books:

Visiting Lilly by Toni Allen

The other day I had lovely feedback from someone who’s just started reading Visiting Lilly. Part of his enthusiasm was that he lives locally to Farnham, and knows all of the locations, so instantly gained a sense of belonging to the story, and of it being about people he could relate to.

Now, I’m fully aware that not everyone lives near Farnham, Surrey, UK.
For those of you who don’t I shall build a sense of location, periodically adding new photos, so that you too can see the places that DI Jake Talbot and Frankie Hayward visit.

Farnham Police StationOur first stop on this virtual tour of Farnham and surrounding areas is Farnham Police Station, where Talbot works. Built in 1963, it’s now due for demolition. The irony is that I started writing Visiting Lilly way before the police began their scheme of selling off prime location buildings and streamlining…

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Visiting Lilly by Toni AllenI’m thrilled to receive a 5 star review for Visiting Lilly from fellow mystery writer Robert J. Ray, author of the Matt Murdock Mysteries.

Robert J. Ray says of Visiting Lilly:

Professional Tarot guru Toni Allen joins the ranks of mystery writers with a debut novel that whisks the reader on a journey in quest of the Astral Plane, where two lovers—a lovely elderly lady in a care home, and an isolated young man who remembers their past—do their utmost best to keep their love alive. Allen’s work is fascinating because she conceals this unlikely search for love beneath the bones of a police procedural. The setting is not hurried, touristy London, but the idyllic outskirts of Surrey. Welcome to the genre!

Robert J. Ray is author of the Murdock Mysteries and The Weekend Novelist Series

Robert J. Ray books on Amazon

The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel

The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery

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12 zodiac signsAstrological Forecast For October 2014

The month of October threatens to be challenging because from 6th Oct through to 27th Oct Mercury, the planet of communication, is going retrograde. This always creates hiccups by delaying vital messages getting through, playing havoc with our internet connections and, somehow, making us all speak at cross purposes to each other. Do not despair; there are others things to do apart from talk. Jupiter is in Leo and that means fun, fun, fun.

Aries star signAries will have a romantic month and feel very secure with their partner. Finding time to be alone and work is the tough part. Buying art and beautiful objet d’art for your home gives you great pleasure: you’re investing in your future. Friends may be jealous of your abundance, but ignore them, I see you working hard for your success.

Taurus star signTaurus You’re determined to succeed but confused as to direction. This is a time of networking and being prepared to change your mind. Travel, writing and education are the top things to do, but relationships look a bit stodgy, so take space to be on your own for a while. Persuading people of how useful you are comes easy, which is brilliant if you’re looking to change career or job.

gemini star signGemini Work is going extremely well, but is it to the detriment of your family relationships? Taking home the bacon is all well and good, but don’t keep boring your loved ones with business talk. Moving home, refurbishment, or even building a house, all go well; so does any kind of public performance. The end of the month finds you in party mood and ready to have some fun.

Cancer star signCancer, you love your home but this month you’re working hard, saving up to visit exotic locations and travelling to nearer destinations. I see you talking, planning and having loads of fun chatting about where you’ll visit. It’s a lucky month for you, and anyone who makes people laugh for a living, or is a tour guide, will be especially fortunate. If you have teenage children this may be the first time you leave them home alone while you go off travelling.

leo star signLeo will spend this month spending: lots! There are so many lovely things out there that you just have to have. Some of you will be spending to heal a broken heart, while others will be re-mortgaging in order to get ahead and buy something better. Most conversations will be light hearted, because you really don’t fancy thinking sensibly at the moment. Life is fun and you want to enjoy it: right now.

Virgo star signVirgo may be feeling romantically confused. You appear to be slightly fed up with everything, but determined to create sweeping changes. There’s a hunt for a new career and better prospects, as well as a promise to invest more time and energy in yourself. Pursuits carried on in isolation bring great rewards, but anyone working in hospitals will be at the fore front of major upheavals. Visiting close friends is very relaxing and gives you a boost.

Libra star signLibra are uncertain about current friendships and romance, so are forging ahead to meet new people. Showing off is good and brings you some much needed attention. Money may feel tight, so be wary of ‘get rich quick’ schemes, they may not be all they seem. Fun is to be found by dressing up and looking good, so treat yourself to some new glad rags and go and knock those new friends for six.

Scorpio star signScorpio, your tastes are changing with a new leaning towards foreign or tribal art. Usually loathe to throw away anything, you’re now having a bit of a clear out. Possessions are possessing you; and with a great desire to travel now calling, travelling light appears to be the answer. Work will offer sudden opportunities to go in a different direction, but with no time to talk things through, you have to make a quick decision.

Sagittarius star signSagittarius Life’s a bit of a jumble. You appear to be receiving lots of praise, but very little reward for your efforts. Stay or go? Relish the limelight for now and slowly plan your escape. You’re in quite a philosophical mood, constantly discussing with others the concept of pushing against known boundaries. Plan, plan and keep planning; the time for action will be the end of the year. Meanwhile be creative in the arts or sport, it will you help burn off some of that frustration.

Capricorn star signCapricorn are beavering away behind the scenes and making their dreams come true. Writing, communication and foreign travel can all make you prosperous right now. Some people may not understand what you’re doing, but those who do will encourage you enormously. It’s a good time to learn a new language and to drum up funding for any new business enterprise.

Aquarius star signAquarius You’re trying to change your lifestyle and looking to loved ones for support. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect everything to happen overnight: be patient. Your romantic life is really strong, however general friendships, especially with wealthier people, will start to irritate and make you question their morals. Long walks and laughter with your favourite person make all of your troubles evaporate.

pisces2Pisces are in a very dreamy mood; however those dreams appear to be highly creative because this month is positive for work and personal projects. Travel can bring new opportunities for romance, but do you speak the same language, in every sense of the phrase? There’s a shift coming in how you want others to view you, but as yet it’s all dreams, so read another fantasy novel and laugh when others say you’re wasting your time.


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